the most ideal unicycling event for the summer

if i were to plan a trip to the US in the summer

what would be the best event that would make my ‘pure unicycling holiday’ worthwhile?

id be there for 2 weeks.


Yes, Moab Muni Fest, it’s the first weekend in april. Or the California muni weekend which is usual in september, sometimes october. They are both great, I allways go to Moab because it’s only a three hour drive from home:D, lucky me. I have been to the California Muni Weekend once, the year before last but I was only able to make it for the last day at Downyville, and it was a blast! I also made it to the Muni Weekend when it was held in Idaho hosted by Joe Stolsfus, which was also great fun. I hope to make it to California this year, as well as Moab.


Well Moab isnt really in the summer, that is probably number one unicycling thing to do in North America. It seems alot of people like the California Muni weekends, they are normally at the end of the summer it seems. I’m not sure where the USA stands on letting non north american competitors ride at NAUCC but that might be something of interest for you.

Be sure to make it to the Black Hills Muni Weekend near Rapid City, South Dakota. The dates are June 25 & 26. The rides will be awesome.

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I have exactely the same question, thinking about coming to North America, a month, between May and July.

My aim is to meet a lot of unicyclists.

The problem about the events you propose is that they are, except NAUCC, just about Muni.

And the problem about the NAUC is the dates (July 26 - July 30), just after a big European event : The European MUni Trials Convention 2005 in Denmark (July 20-24), a good occasion to meet some good unicyclists…

go david. when are we going to start the black hills MUni weekned thread? Are we (johnsons) the official organizers, or what?

We’ve found/ridden some nice new trails since last year, so it should be a great event, with all kinds of cool new stuff.

Can you pack me into your suitcase? I’m dying to go to a Moab! :slight_smile: What is the cheapest price you could find for return airfares? I’m also considering this trip, but not as soon as you are.


To have a ‘pure unicycling holiday’ - plan on attending one of the events that is happening here in the US this summer. Are you looking at May/June/July/August time-frame?
June - Black Hills MUni weekend
July - NAUCC

Of course, visiting TCUC could get you a lot of unicycling time. During the summer we practice freestyle, go on MUni rides and distance rides, perform in parades. Members also get together to do trials. A lot to do here… and you’re welcome to visit.


Yes Tomsey, you didn’t mention what kind of unicycling. But if summer is your only timeframe and you want lots of unicyclists. your first choice is probably NAUCC, followed by a visit to the Twin Cities. At NAUCC you’ll have competition events in many categories, while at TCUC you’ll have lots of opportunity to ride with lots of top riders.

NAUCC should also include some sort of organized trip to Cedar Point afterwards. If you like roller coasters, you shouldn’t miss that place:

The California Mountain Unicycle Weekend is projected to be in October this year, but the exact weekend is not yet set.

The airlines now are at an all-time low price.Im not sure,but i think for some tickets are half price.I dont know to or from where though.