The most AWESOME ucc ever!!!

I hooked up my ucc today with my GoPro again, but this time went to a place with the most incredibly perfect blend of trees, colors, shade and light, and also extended the cable length for some super long runs.

When I got home and watched the footage, and saw the terrain unfolding behind the camera, with the lush rush of colors, and the wide panoramic views, it was just jaw-droppingly amazing.

And as the ucc was flying down the line, getting progressively lower to the ground, with me following behind it with the terrain rushing back , it looked like it was traveling at light speed! So freaking COOL! :smiley:

All the riding was shot in 720p 60fps, with the exception of one shot I tried in “tall aspect” HD, 960p 30fps, (at 1:48), and the paragraph above truly describes this particular shot!

The GoPro & my UCC are the perfect match! Now I can’t wait to try this set up with MUni on technical terrain! Check it out. Cheers! :):smiley: :sunglasses:

(Watch the WHOLE video, it’s not long!)

Maybe I’m an idiot, but I don’t get it how it works xD

Same here. :astonished:
Do you build the cable, where you put your cam on, yourself? Or are you just using something that already stands around … ?

Anyways, it looks that great! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. The cable cam rig (you can see a good shot of it with the camera on it, at the start of the video) runs down a 3/16" solid nylon core rope, which is very easy to tie and untie. Mine is about 175’ long. Each end is tied to a tree or other structure, with the starting end higher, so gravity will cause it to zip its way down the line.

If you set it up on a super steep hill, then it gets trickier to control speed, in which case I use a speed “controller”. Mine is simply a smooth, thin leather strap that drapes over the top of the cable, and attaches to each side of the 2x3 wood ucc body by velcro. How slow or fast the rig goes depends on how much downward tension the strap has on the cable. :smiley:

For those who may not have seen it, this video is a compilation from about a dozen ucc videos I’ve made in the past year, and you can get a good look at the speed controller effect at about 1:16. (the video thumb below is that part, and the camera was not angle right to show just how STEEP that section was, but the angle of my MUni frame will give you a good idea!)

yeah, how do you get it to go the same speed as you?

sweet vid, though.

LOL@ the ending. Sweet, some nice shots, I love the way the camera is just gliding along.

Great idea !!, Perefct for a zombie movie xD