The Monotreal's weekend

Hello everybody,

On the 7,8,9 august 2009, Monotreal, the community of unicyclists in Quebec, is organizing their first official event. During those three days, we will host competitions of trials, street, flatland (game of HORSE) and little MUni race.

Here is the schedule:
14h00: Ride at the Olympic Stadium(meeting point at the PIE IX metro station)

19h00: Ride at the lookout(on the top) of Mount Royal. For the persons that don’t know how to get to it, we will have a meeting point outside the Mont-Royal subway station between 18h-18h30(PM me for more info)
During this ride, there will also be a HORSE game competition(flatland tricks)

Saturday morning(indoor skatepark):
9h-10h: Opening of the skatepark and inscription for the competitions
10h-11h30: Trial competition
12h-12h45: Street competition(1 run of 1 minute + last trick with 3 tries)

Beginning at 13h30: Competitions of Speed trial, high jump, long jump, and a little MUni race

11h: Downtown ride (meeting point at the Berri-Uquam subway station) We want to invade the street of Montreal with unicyclists.

Cost for the competition on Saturday: 30$

If you can read french, here is the official thread:…tral-n1255.htm
Here is the website of the skatepark that we rent for Saturday:

If you want a free place to stay for the week-end. PM me as soon as possible.

If you have any questions let me know.

We hope to see you in August,

Thanks you