The Mongolia Unicycle Tour- August 2010

Just a final reminder that The Mongolia Unicycle Tour is happening in August. If you are still keen to come, this is your last chance to sign up. We are almost at our 20 rider limit.

I have been told that no one has ever ridden through Mongolia on a unicycle before, so you can be one of the first!

Check out the profiles of the Unitourists on the Monguni Unicycle Tour:

If you are already coming on tour- I’ll be sending out another update later this week regarding Visas, pre- and post-tour plans etc.


Happy birthday Ken!!!

Looking forward to riding with you in Mongolia :slight_smile:

awe man, i wish i could go so badly ! but i dont have anything over a 24" and dont have the money :frowning:

I spent my money and “family credit” (for a while) on Unicon15. Otherwise I wouldn’t think twice. The opportunity to visit Mongolia in this way is a dream. And the lineup of riders is awesome!