The Mongolia Unicycle Tour 2010

Hi everyone,

Something you’ve all been waiting for, The Mongolia Unicycle Tour.

Some photos are up on the website: Monguni

It’s a bit different to the previous Adventure Unicyclist Tours, in that we’ll be mostly camping out and it’s all off-road. But what you lose in comfort you make up for with some spectacular scenery and cultural experience.

Contact us via the website if you are keen to take part in the first ever Mongolia Unicycle Tour.

Ken Looi

Monguni is a Unicycle Tour through Mongolia in 2010. It is an organised tour for people who want to see a country in the most unique way possible…on one wheel!

What: The Mongolia Unicycle Tour

When: Monday 2 August 2010 (Day 1) to Friday 13 August 2010 (Day 12)

Why: Because we can, and it’s never been done before.

Distance: 240km, 7 riding days

Terrain: Unsealed Roads, grass, horse trails, rocky riverbeds. Everything except sealed roads

Number of riders: Up to 12

Cost: US$1850 ($1850 + $150 to be donated to OXFAM for registrations after 1 May 2010, pending places still being available)

Whats included: 2 Nights in Ulaanbaatar, transfers from airport, all support vehicles, food, camping equipment, cooks, drivers, mechanic, Jason Williams, Bike Asia Tour leader, spare bicycles, tool kit

How fit do I need to be? It’s a fully supported tour, but the riding is likely to be harder than previous tours. Although distances are shorter, there are no sealed roads. The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the tour


Yo Ken,

I’m in!!! so looking forward to another uni tour!!! I’ll email you soon.


Daniel :smiley:

Keen but let me check out the airfare and work out the costs first.

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about The Mongolia Unitour. We are now less than six months away, and it’s almost full. If you are still keen on being the first to unicycle in one of the most remote parts of the world, get in touch with me as soon as possible.

I’ve put some photos of the Mongolia tour on the website. Rider profiles coming soon!



Hi Ken, Christian and me should decide soon !

Hi there,

I’m seriously thinking to come with my son. Still negotiating hard …

Looking forward to see you all

I’m seriously thinking to come with my son. Still negotiating hard …

Looking forward to see you all

Hi Didier, we’d love to see you and Christian and Teddy on tour again!

Just a quick note, we now have 12 riders. I have spoken to our Tour Operator and we can extend it to 20 riders. A few people have asked already so they will likely fill up as well. We won’t be taking more than 20 people.

I have put some of the rider profiles online:


Here is a map, courtesy of Nathan Hoover:

Christian is trying to convince his son Oliver to come !

Hi there !

We’re in ! Me and my son Oliver and of course Teddy


So I need to finish my negaciation to join too !

Hey Christian, Didier and Teddy!

Look forward to seeing you in Mongolia :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot Oliver ! (Christian’s son)
Basically the negociation for me is OK !
so there will be another big French team in your unitour !

Ooh, yes, and Oliver! :slight_smile: