The Medal Spacers On A Kh


on my muni i have a kh wheelset with a yuni frame so those big medal ufo type spacers really stick out. What always seem to happen is when I get goin really fast they get caught on my jeans which isnt so pleasant. So would it cause any dameage if I grinded them down so it wasnt so much of a ufo type shape?


they will be fine. its just a matter of how pretty you can grind them. you could track down some more of the little ones pretty easy though.

Re: The Medal Spacers On A Kh

If I’m catching what you are saying correctly, then turning the spacers around will help. They angle out from the axle, and, if you turn them around, they will angle in and shouldn’t get caught on your pants.

You could replace those big saucer spacers with lower profile washers or bushings. You’ll have to hunt around at the hardware store to find suitable washers or bushings.

Another option is to have a bike shop order some extra spacer washers. A bike shop that specializes in BMX bikes will know exactly what you need.

are you sure its the spacers your jeans are catching on, i got some new jeans the other week, and unless i turn the bottoms up then they seem to catch on the top of the cranks when i get going fast… this is on mytrials uni with KH 140 cranks… i never bothered putting the flying saucers on as i decided they looked a bit silly on the nimbus style frame. i havent had a problem with it like this.