The making of a "Uni-Cable-Cam" video...filmed by mtbers!

Here’s an inside look at the making of a UCC video–from a mountain biker’s camera! Mtber Bob Simon and his riding buddies saw me setting up my UCC a while back, and asked if they could film the proicess, so I said sure. They seemed quite intrigued.

The footage they shot is of one of my more dangerous setups, which required me to ride like a bat out of he##, trying to stay ahead of the SPEEDING rig, to the end of the 150 foot line, then DUCK under it-while riding-at the last second! It’s also where I suffered the absolute worst ankle sprain of my life! :astonished:

At the time of the accident, I didn’t yet realize just how bad it was, so I continued on for a couple more takes until I got the shot. By the time I had ridden the additional 4 miles back to my car, my ankle had swollen to 3x it’s size! Now, almost 5 months later, it’s still not 100% healed! :o

This was also before I had my “speed controller” idea. I think it’s a really interesting look at the process. :slight_smile:

Terry, I think what this video really shows is that the UCC adds a whole new level of extreme to extreme unicycling. You may well have invented a new sport.

Yeah, it kinda even makes me realize what actually goes into making just ONE scene of ONE video, let alone 13 ucc vids so far! My technique has improved since then, so setups take much less time, and I’ve also added several “tweaks” which have made it even better.

For most of my pre-ucc videos, it was 90% tripod, with a smattering of “pov” hand-held stuff, and sometimes other people tracking the riding either on foot or on a bike, but it was always pretty bumpy and shaky. So I think my ucc definitely adds a cool new dimension and high energy to the mix, especially now that I can use it for technical MUni as well! :smiley:

What a way to start the day! I wish I could find where to get the rolly, wheel thing that you use. Mine are dodgy.
Thanks Terry. You are the best feller…

Are you referring to the pulleys? I got them at Home Depot and they’re 4" nylon laundry pulleys. I tried many other types at first, but these are the smoothest, and less than $5 each. :smiley:


Do you have more info on what your current camera setup is like?

Also what did you use for a “speed controller”?


Pretty much the same. The speed controller is basically a thin, smooth strip of leather that drapes over the cable (nylon cord) and attaches by velcro to each side of the body of the UCC. By adjusting the tension on the cord you can control the speed which is produced solely by gravity. It’s really only needed when you set up the UCC on a pretty steep section, where otherwise it would travel way to fast.

My inspiration for designing a speed controller was so I could ride on steep, a super technical terrain, and keep my UCC from going too fast. Here is a great example of just that, starting at 1:17. It is FAR steeper than it appears.

Thanks for the info Terry.

Great vid!