The mailing list has moved

This is the last posting to the independent unicycling mailing list. Ken Fuchs
( has graciously taken over the list and is running it with
the benefit of Majordomo, a mailing list handling package. This should mean
fewer bounced messages when you make a posting, and it also lets us take
advantage of a mailing list->newsgroup gateway provided by the nice folks at

This means that the newsgroup and mailing list now get the same messages, since
anything posted to one of them goes to the other. Everyone that is part of the
old list will now also be members of the new list. Here’s how to work with the
new location:


Post messages to


I expect there will be a flurry of unsubscribing requests since many people
prefer the newsgroup. DO NOT send unsubscribe requests to the posting address,
or everyone in the newsgroup and the mailing list will see it and get annoyed.
To unsubscribe, send the message:

unsubscribe unicycling


If you have trouble unsubscribing, try sending the message “who” to You will then receive a list of list members. See which
address is yours, then send the message

unsubscribe unicycling <address>


Majordomo: Majordomo provides a variety of handy features. If you would like
some help, send the message “help” to

Thanks to all of you who helped make the mailing list a success.


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