The Long Island Coker Road Ride Sunday 5/21/06(Coker’s Only Please)

Come tour the scenic North Shore of Long Island the way it was meant to be seen, on a Coker.

Time: 9:30am
Place: Will post with exact location shortly

This ride will be amongst one of the largest Coker gatherings to date.

I will be mapping out a great 10-15 mile tour of Long Islands North Shore.

So, if you were looking for the right time and place to get on your Coker and rock and roll or get into shape for the season, this is it.

With a large group of Coker riders in one place at one time, the opportunity for a good time is guaranteed.

This ride will also give everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see what riding a Coker with different length cranks feels like an opportunity to do so.

Were expecting riders to be coming from New York City, Upstate NY, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and hopefully other places as well.

Please post reply, PM me, or call me at (516)702-9807 to let me know if you are coming.

See you all soon,


Hmmm,…I have a Coker ordered and on the way. I would like to ride it with others. Maybe I should try to attend this function? Let’s hope it arrives in time and I can get in a little practice.:smiley:

Hey Adam

Adam, what’s up, its Nick. i am going to be attending this ride and would liek a place to stay that is close or where i have a ride to the ride. would it be possible to crash on your floor again? i would be willing to spot you some money if you want. your place is close to the ride compared to me, so i guess i am asking to spend the night and get a ride the following morning to new york. if so, get back to me. remember i still want to buy that tire off of you. thanks. call me at 215 360 4475 to talk.

shibumi—call me (215 360 4475) its urgent!

A great day to PLAY!!

We will be meeting at: 36 Long Ridge Road
Plainview, NY 11803

Please call me with any questions at (516)702-9807.

The weather should be perfect Coker weather.


adam, which tire are you selling me? the coker one or the wheel TA one? id prefer the wheel TA but either will work just fine. ill talk to you about the frame when i get there.

I have the Coker tire in stock.

Great Day, Great Group, Great Ride!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day. 6 Coker riders set off for a 15 mile tour through the north shore of Long Island.

Jeff- Shibumi
Jeff Prosa- NJ MUni
Nick- Shadowuni
Joe-Nicks friend

Thanks for coming!
See you all for the next ride.

“Have Fun On One”
Sorry, next ride I’ll add some scenic shots.

5-21-06 001r.jpg

5-21-06 005r.jpg

5-21-06 009r.jpg

5-21-06 010r.jpg

You guys look like you’re from the “Badass” section of New Yawk.

Sorry I couldn’t make it.

We missed ya.

If George could rest here, why shouldn’t I…

I had a Great time. A perfect day too.