"The Load on the Rims" T-shirts!

I now have a prototype t-shirt with my “The Load on the Rims” design. See previous thread here.

The logo is 10.5" wide, cad cut and logo inprinted and pressed twice.

Price is $15 US, plus shipping. Shipping will vary depending on location…contact me via PM with your address, for exact shipping charges to your location.

Before I do a production run of them, I need to get at least 15 orders. **NOT paid for, just confirmations that you would like to buy one.

Here is a photo of the t-shirt:

yeah i dont really get it, i think “the lord of the rim” would be better.


looks nice

rims should be rim… just a thought

My, that just make me think of a… ok, this is a family forum so I can’t say it, but that has dirty connotations.

I like the idea, but there really isn’t any reason to have ‘RIMS’ plural just because ‘RINGS’ is, especially since you’re talking about unicycling.

I can’t tell from the picture if the shirt is black or a very dark navy blue. If they had a silhouette of someone on a unicycle on the back, maybe with a glowing rim of power or something, and had ‘THE LOAD ON THE RIM’ and ‘RIDE THE UNICYCLE’ on front, I would order one regardless of the color.

Hahahaha, Yes! A glowing rim of power! That would make it amazing :D.

These are pretty good examples: Unicycle Photoshop Gallery

sounds like a dodgy porno to me. watch out with that one…

wicka bow wow

It is possible to change the text to “The Load on the Rim” if enough people would commit to purchase it that way. Let me know!

As for a more complex design (eg. glowing rim) that won’t be possible for this version.

The shirt is black.

I just don’t get it, what is “The load on the rims” supposed to mean? A dump(poop) on the unicycle rims? A cum shot on the unicycle rims? Basically what is Load supposed to mean? Please translate for me…

Here is a definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

LOAD :a mass or weight supported by something <branches bent low by their load of fruit> b : the forces to which a structure is subjected due to superposed weight or to wind pressure on the vertical surfaces; broadly : the forces to which a given object is subjected

Does that help??

Thanks, that clears it up! Guess I just have a dirty mind?!

the pronz parody is lLoard of the STRINGS, as in g-strings

belive me

unless there are more than one

Test edit…

As yet no one has committed to purchase a t-shirt. To go ahead with production I need to commit to buy 15 t-shirts.

As it stands, the t-shirt will not be produced in quantity.

I need to place the order by Monday, Nov. 7, 05. If you are interested in buying one of these t-shirts, please let me know before then.

The price is $15 US, plus shipping.


yeah tomsey, your productions name is “Rusty Rims”…ewww…


damn man… you had to go there?

im like totally changing it.


I’m bumping this thread.

Time is running out. Like I said, I need to place my order of at least 15 t-shirts on Monday.

Please PM me before Monday if you wish to buy one of these t-shirts.