The little red unicycle

My roommate got a new unicycle today, and thought it was quite comical.

Pic 2


haha is that a 16"?


You have to love Mag Wheels! If I could get them for every unicycle I had I would.

Yeah, it’s a 16. :smiley: You gots to have mad skillz to ride that mofo.

oh yeah, mag wheel baby it’s like when I get on it I’m thrown into a testostorone haze of manliness I’m doin some muni on it, I’ll get pics

That looks like a lot of fun.

I bet you get some mad pedal strikes when you learn er’ over for a turn. :astonished:

I love riding small wheels, it feels sooo weird… hahaha

she is fun, I call her “Red Scare”. Watching people ride it is really amusing, especially tall people, they just don’t fit. and you can feel that pedal tappin the ground on most of the turns.

I have a 16 with an adult-height frame (made by… Max’s Dad). It’s fun to ride in the gym but pretty ridiculous as transportation outside, even with the three-inch cranks. This is me at Midwest Regionals recently.


You sound like you’re talking about your mom. :wink:

Ahhahahah. I have that exactly same unicycle, except it is rusted after the pedal got stripped and I left it out in the rain. I just got some replacement cranks. That thing is ridiculous.


Can I ask what it was that possesed you to buy that unicycle? And… how much was it? :smiley:

I bought it for a friend of mine who goes to University of Iowa, on the box it said ages 8-15 which is about her size. when it got here, I saw that it said “made in china” which may have somthing to do with the fact its’ so tiny. She’d have a ridiculously hard time trying to learn to ride on it.

I learned on one just like that, It made a 20" seam fast

My freind and I learned to ride on a very similar, if not the same unicycle. But it suprisingly wasn’t very difficult to ride even though I was 12 at the time and fairly tall for my age. Now that I have a 20 inch it feels extremely awkward whenever I get back to riding on it. Most of the time these days it is a “handlebar unicycle” as noted on, made by simply attaching a Razor scooter handle to the frame.