The List Page!!!

it has come to my attention that everyone needs something sometime. there should be an ongoing thread, kept alive, that lists all unicycle parts available by other unicyclists. this way, everyone knows what parts they can buy/trade for from another unicyclist. I will start.

Have for sale:
3 KH compatible seatposts ($12 + shipping) of different sizes

140mm cranks (cotterless)
110mm cranks (cotterless)

Re: The List Page!!!


KH seat with 1’’ post
Spare Miyata seat plate
Oddysey Twisted PC pedals


Miyata shape CF seat base

Need KH hub and 170 cranks.

I dont have anything to sell right now.

I really need a new pair of cranks and pedals.

I have an old broken pair of cranks and pedals. :frowning:

me and JVTFM have these parts

white wall 26"x2.125" tire
multiple pairs of plastic pedals
20"x1.95" fireball tire
3 slick 20" tires in differnt widths
160 cotterless cranks
36 hole suzue hub
48 spoke torker lx rim
1 extra 26inch tube
26"x1.75" tire
1kh sea post with black paint spots on it

Re: me and JVTFM have these parts

can you bring them to the muni meet for me if you come?


(How much do you want for them?)

How about like $5?

I recently re-tapped the threads because they were stripped. (thank god for pedal taps :smiley: )

What I need is a KH seat that isn’t ripped up on the edges.

edit- I also have a 36 hole, 20 inch red line rim that was used for freestyle.

5 bucks? I dunno, I’ll have to think it over


All of my ‘spare’ KH seats are ripped or have spinning bolts, can’t help you out

hmmm what kinds of extra kh seats you have? i can fix the spinning bolt problem, so if you have a gen 3 kh seat id like it.

mackenzie, bring seats to Muni weekend. i am making an airseat, and would like the seats

i have a never used KH seat and seat post that i can sell

odysey twisted pc pedals (very used)
one pair 140mm lasco cranks never used
old part of a quick release seat post clamp
spare pins for primo super tenderizer pedals

two allen key seat post.

I have an Alex DM 24 rim that, oddly enough, doesn’t fit a 24 inch unicycle. won’t let me return it for whatever reason. It’s completely unused.

I’m actually planning on keeping the velo seats, as a $40 upgrade will make them suitable (cover and tube)

You can’t get a comfy saddle like that for $40, and some of my uni’s are seatless and share a seat/post…and that sucks

(Darren was out of covers last time i checked, but that was a while ago)

You mean a clamp? I have a red one that I’ll trade to you for the PC pedals.

How much will you sell just the seat for?

This is a very cool, handy thread, thank you very much!



Schwinn frame-used but w/o flaws. Bearing fine. Grip tape added to crown for extra gripping action.

Scwinn wheelset, 28 spoke used but fine

140mm Dotek cranks, black, used slightly, straight, no scratches, fit tight on taper hub

Dyno fireball 20X2.1(?) tire

United deluxe pedals, used but in good shape, black

United seat, used, fine except chuck of foam missing on side—doesn’t interfere with riding but may affect seat out hopping. I think its the left side.

Viscount seat, used but fine, bumper guards epoxied and rescrewed with self tapping screws.

Odessey Twisted PC pedals

Miyata plastic seat plate

Schwinn style seat post (with holes), 400mm

Miyata seat post, 400mm

KH seat used but fine

Kh seat post, 25.4mm (1’’)X about 275mm

Dyno fireball 24X3 tire, used. Rideable but not for me. I’m too heavy. The tread is as it was the day I got it, but the sidewalls are too thin for me.

1 pimpin 24’’ uni with 50mm cottered cranks and a tire with the words “ride hard” and skulls. Concord c. 1952? Complete uni is fun to cruise on.

A 24’’ tire that is good for trials/urban assault riding…I’m open minded. Currently using fireball or gazz 3.0 depending on mood. Would consider Maxxis hookworm. Preferably an urban W hookworm.

A DH tube, must be new. I’ll prolly just buy this locally

Carbon Fiber seat base. Preferably pre drilled for a Schwinn style post, but any will do.

So, you see what I have to offer, can anybody help me?


:: Pelvic Thrust ::

I agree!

I’ve got:

-an Onza 1st gen trials frame with a crappy but functional single-bolt seatclamp.

-1 old united wheelset with a severely bent right crank and a crappy steel rim.

-an old savage seat with bent rails and a damaged seatcover.

-a short schwinn 22.2mm seatpost

-a longer 22.2mm schwinn seatpost, without the holes.

I’m looking for:

-A carbonfiber seatbase, KH or Miyata style

-a kinport handle

-a profile hub/crankset. 145mm preferred, but anything will do. I’d buy the whole wheelset, too. I’d also be up to trade my Onza wheelset+$100-200 for a profile trials wheelset.

-a gazz tire with a reasonable amount of tread left

-a monty whiteline or luna tire with most of the tread still there.


Obie 1
how much do you want for the miyata seat base?


I was really hoping to be able to do most of my selling to people going to NY Muni weekend. If you have something to trade, that is preferable.

I also have a miyata seatbase and a KH seatbase, too. Both have broken reinforcement plates. Brian, you can have the miyata seatbase, if you want. I’ll give it to you at CMW, or the next time you come to SF.