the list game

ok so this game there is a list of objects and you must film the best line you can using all of the objects. the list can be as many objects as you want as long as they are objects that are easy access and usually close to one another. the objects dont have to be exact. the better the object you can find the better the line will be.

1st list;
2 picnic tables.
1 hand rail

scratch that
1 table 1 rail

not everyone
has 2 tables next to a rail… michael :roll_eyes:

oh and any skinny counts as a rail . like i said doesnt have to be exact obstacle

well im in i just gotta find something.So it doesnt matter how many people film for list 1 because this is more of a push yourself game rather than a beat the other person game.

+1, I’m in, and I also will find something similar like the “back it up” :slight_smile:

hmm… sounds cool… I’m in!:smiley:

Oh, could I use pallets instead of a picnic table…?
I live in the country, and there is not many picnic tables near me…

nah it should be a table or bench. go out and find something good.

Okay i will do my best…:smiley:
then while i’m finding a good table someone should post a clip of the first list…

I hope i can find a rail…

Laust (UniPsyco) and I filmed a line each for this game. We were intending to film some more technical lines, but we forgot. We were too busy having fun doing other lines… :slight_smile:

<a href="">Here it is.</a>

EDIT: Laust is the first and I am the last.

nice… Your bail was GREAT…