the limit

to day I was just out side and did a four foot drop on my torker unistar XL any way so after I did this my first one ever which I didn’t land I got back on and tried to ride it. and something got bent in there somewhere either the crank or the axel. so I was just wondering for future reference what is the limit on semi crappy unicycles such as the one I have.
any think will help even if it is just disaster stories that people have experianced?

ah. this is waht happened to mine. Torker Lx unis are pretty strong, and they can handle drops of 4 feet, IF you know what you are doing, and how to roll out. if you dont stick the landing JUST RIGHT, you will bend the axel. I havent bent the cranks, mainly because the threads in the cranks give out before the cranks will. the cranks themselves are strong, but the axel is lacking in strength. if you put a fatter tire on it, it should be able to get it to land 4 foot drops pretty damage free. but I strongly suggest that you get a stronger uni for that stuff. maybe a torker dx if you are low budgeted like me. those ones are stronger than the lx, but not that much more expensive. get them off of ebay. that way you only have to pay like 144-153 bucks for one. but still, dont do too many repeated drops of 4+ feet, or you will go thru them like a woman on the rag goes thru tampons. (bad analogy, I know! ;)) but anyways, if you are going to do them often, invest some money in a unicycle with a better, stronger splined hub. anything with the word “Profile” wold be awesome for this. also anything made by Kris Holm Unicycles is awesome. they are mildly priced, but are amazingly strong. good luck with findng a new uni! you are better off buying a new one now, than being uniless when that ones threads give out. (if you ride it hard with bent axle, it will strip out completely. trust me, I know from experience)

Hope for the best with you,