the lightest possible uni

There are no titanium hubs.

But there is titanium spindles and cranks, but your still right, the Ti spindles are actually not long enouph to fit right for uni’s. So take that off the list, your just gonna have to use steel.

im following you :wink:

that thread was alot of fun.

who needs a tire? or a frame? or bearings for that matter? a hub? hell no! spokes, why would you even want them? no rims here! also, who wants pedals or cranks?

Tubeless BC wheel.

Or at least a tubeless trials uni, that could save some weight. and make your tire really bald.

or not…

Ah, my mistake. Fine, the steel hub.

i’ll take the aluminum one comparable in strength :slight_smile:

Never mix titanium spokes and alloy nipples.
Titaniam is know for its abiliity to flex
Alloy is known to be very verry stiff.
result= you will pop nipples of on almost everyride.

If you EVER use Ti spokes you NEED to use LONG BRASS nipples. Always.

for longtivity you should always use brass nipples anyway.

seriously. use brass nipples, for any wheel build. It’s worth the weight and $.
(and i am very much a weight weine)

Also Ti spokes are kinda dumb, because you can get stronger and lighter sappum spokes.

I think the ultimate light uni would be
KH hub
qu-ax cranks
monty 221 Ti rim
Sappium race or stronglight spokes
Brass nipps
SWallis seat/ thomson Masterpiece seatpost
Kh/ koxx xtp frame.
Welgo magnesium ti spindle pedals (in white :slight_smile: )
whatever the lightest mod tire is??

Where are these “Sappum or Sappium” spokes that are lighter than titanium spokes?

On danscomp “Sapim” DB spokes are 7.2oz and titanium are 3oz.

The axle is CrMo, the hub is aluminum.

hahaha he likes to make stuff up. And he works at a bike shop so he must be right

I think this might happen. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I can’t find their spokes

I think this would be about as light as you could get, but reinforce the seatpost and KH isis hub/cranks. I’ve heard the Koxx cranks bend just as often as the '05 KH/Onza’s.

Or use a Wallis base and cf post.

Edit: I don’t think they make cf or titanium platform pedals. Go Welgo MG1 pedals

Maybe the street cranks but the reinforced ones are strong.

a guy at the lbs uses some plastic pedals that kick arse and last him a year, and he has broken metal platform pedals in 1 day.
and those plastic pedals are superultra light and cheap.
so put a titanium spindle in there.

What about new materials, just wondering. Like titanium or carbon fiber… It‘d be expensive for sure, but who knows…

First of all Both those weights are wrong. Sapim is lighter than that, and Ti is heavier.

secondly, not sure if you noticed but on Danscomp they sell (and weigh) ti spokes in sets of 25
and sapim in quantities of 50!

Also those are just for the basic DB sapim spokes

The CX ray, and laser are lighter than those Ti spokes
The race spokes are just under.
and the strong spokes are just a little bit heavier.

I belive both Dan Heaton and Zack Baldwin, in Defect, have custom titanium frames made by bedford.