the lightest possible uni

what are you talking about?

Ryan Atkins has said that he thiks the drilled rims are alot stronger than the non drilled ones.

also, the dx cranks are crazy heavy.

Well if Atkins says it, I agree:)
That’s good, as I was scare that my rim sucked.

It’s all been pretty much said above, I don’t agree with the Aluminium seatpost ideas because they’re too weak, and Carbon Fibre seatposts are plain dumb, the weight you save on the seatpost is balanced by the steel rail bracket you will need to put the saddle on. There’s plenty of weight in the frame so yeah, you could easily save on that, at the moment the lightest TRIALS frame is the KH, somewhere around 570 grams I think, the XTP is something like 650 grams and the oversized alloy Qu-Ax is 750 grams, the heaviest aluminium frame I think but also the strongest. I’m just going to be a little stupid and tell you to put the Qu-Ax 24" race frame on haha, it’s 430 grams, some Qu-Ax ISIS cranks, any good ISIS hub (not Koxx), Wellgo magnesium pedals, the Monty Ti rim, lightweight spokes, Creepy Crawler tire, light tube, CrMo seatpost and a carbon seatbase, any low-profile foam, any handles.

I personally, would rather have a wide, stable rim anyway.

c’mon guys, this ones obvious. but really, i have no idea.

12 incher.jpg

skrobo, damn right you’re lazy… but your laziness is not helping you. A quick search will get you much more information, much quicker, than you’ll get starting a new thread on this old, tired, beaten-to-death topic.

I want my unicycle as light as possible
how heavy is your uni
DX frame is too heavy!!!

Quit actin’ like such a noob and search once in a while, eh?

well i’d cut the crap with the KH hub and cranks and go straight for koxx-one hub and cranks.

the kh hub + 137 cranks are 8 grams heavier than the koxx-one reinforced hub and cranks that are 140mm long.

My new uni should be pretty light:
07 KH frame
07 KH rim
koxx hub/cranks (125mm)
creepy crawler
Hoffman pedals
carbon fiber seat
CF bumper
CF handle (deathgrip)
thin sliver of foam
probably a steel post now and a custom aluminum reinforced post later

Oh and most of those parts are orange so that makes it even better.
Should be all together at the end of this week or beginning of next week.

hey what about if you put helium in the tube?

ducks while forum regulars throw stuff at me

*chucks something heavy at Dave’s head"

no,no,no the lightest strongest uni is…

KH 07 frame
KH aluminum “traditional” seat post
KH 05 seat post clamp
KH seat with cut down foam
CF handle and bumper
CF seat base
KH 07 Rim
Titanium spokes 14 gauge
Profile Titanium axle/hub
Eastern bikes 48 spline Titanium cranks
CF or Titanium pedals
Creepy crawler tire if its a trials, Kenda Kinetics tire if its a Muni.

Bah, if you really want a light uni, who need seat foam? CF seat, handle, bumper, no cover, aluminum of CF post, cut down as much as possible, KH alu frame, profile titanium hub+cranks, mag pedals, titanium spokes and niples, monty Ti rim, CC with helium and some lightweight tube.

CF seat, handle, bumper, aluminum of CF post, , KH alu frame, profile titanium hub+cranks (cut down and rewelded (well) to correct length, mag pedals, titanium spokes and niples, monty Ti rim, CC and some lightweight tube.

Now you get to the light freak part. Who needs seat foam? Out the window. How 'bout a cover? Nope, out the window. Cut down your post, make sure to get it in 22.2, shim down the frame if need be. Weight will even out to be less between smaller post and shims. Cut down the frame neck. Get the KH '05 clamp or similar. All the pins in those pedals? Get them in aluminum. Take them out in one side, and just make sure you always ride with the pinned side. Helium in the tire. Finaly, strip off all the paint.

There is pretty much the lightests uni possible without compromising strength too much.

There are no titanium hubs.

But there is titanium spindles and cranks, but your still right, the Ti spindles are actually not long enouph to fit right for uni’s. So take that off the list, your just gonna have to use steel.

im following you :wink:

that thread was alot of fun.

who needs a tire? or a frame? or bearings for that matter? a hub? hell no! spokes, why would you even want them? no rims here! also, who wants pedals or cranks?

Tubeless BC wheel.

Or at least a tubeless trials uni, that could save some weight. and make your tire really bald.

or not…

Ah, my mistake. Fine, the steel hub.