[The Life]

Hey whats up cats, I just came out with a new video featuring some of my newer street rding sessions. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

I liked it. Good editing and riding. Have you grinded any handrails?

aweet video. i agree i like the edditing.:slight_smile:

That was awesome. I liked the crank grab then flip into another grab. Your rolling hops are really good too.

sweet! Lots of variety. Good music/editting.
I like the crank flip to wheel hop and then you spin the wheel on the way back down to the pedals.

ya i hit an 8 set back in my last video…it’s pretty intense and it takes a lot of effort/balls, and i don’t always feel up to it.

glad you liked it.

oh ya did you see the uphill rail grind? kinda short, but pretty good for uphill.

that crank grab flip thing is from WAY back when like about a year ago…i got it from brian lundgren. except he did it with a back flip. as far as i kow i haven’t seen anyone do it either way though, besides lundgren.

Yeah I thought it was really old because you were still using your profiles. I don’t think I have seen it before either.

man you ride alot like i do, loved your video! i havent seen riding like that in awhile, makes me want to make another vid soon:D :sunglasses:

thanks man, keep it up

Sick man. Do some handrails next.

didnt hickman do it in Ipod video or something? i think so but i might b mistaken. ne ways i really enjoyed ur vid. i like ur style.

well sheeit son, thats how we fools from the old school ride!

awww yeeee playa, sicka what?!

Love the go get ‘em street style. You got some great days ahead of you. Or how you say, yeaaaa dawg that sheeit be drippin ill sauce fo sho’ son.

Wow! Nice to see some real old school players, and music to go with. :sunglasses:

haha absoultely brilliant video. You should try and grind the rail on the steps at 2.00 that would be sweet but so hard to do. Haha then ending was great.

Sweet! Well editing, great riding!

Please do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really cool video with a nice feeling and some advanced tricks as well. Keep up the good work :smiley:

that was sick! i love it:) great job.

Weak! You need some good tricks like double backs or something… that would make it worthwhile.
:stuck_out_tongue: jk. Good job Justin. Get to work on your treys.