The LBI Unithon Goes to 11!

They are red.

Ha! Well I don’t think Joe can argue with that.

I’m psyched to participate in my first Unithon. We had a great prep ride on Saturday. I hope the weather is nice.

How many people have registered so far?

If anyone can give me a ride to the Unithon, PM me.

Bummer! I just found out my ride backed out!

If anyone can give me a ride to the Unithon, PM me.

I’m in Brooklyn, but can train someplace convenient.


10 people have registered. Double that then +/- 5 and you have the true number who will show up.

The 11th Annual LBI Unithon has come and gone on this the sixth day of June in the year of aught nine.

Twenty one riders registered this year, nineteen of whom showed up to ride. The most riders we’ve had in a few years.

Highlights for the year include that all the riders completed the entire ride and all finished in well under 4 hours.

Pictures should begin appearing on the LBI Unithon Facebook page in the next couple of days.

To those who were there, I thank you and am glad you had a good time. To those who missed it, mark your calendars for June 5, 2010.

Thanks Rafael, and thanks to all the volunteers who made this a great day!