The LBI Unithon Goes to 11!

Yes, it’s that time again and I’m pleased to announce that the 11th Annual LBI Unithon will take place on Saturday, June 6th, 2009.

Since we are going to 11, we’re working on a Spinal Tap theme this year. So, feel free to wear your spandex pants, bring along your cricket bat, or, of course, a foil wrapped cucumber. (There will be no metal detectors.)

As always details are available at my LBI Unithon page.

And this year, to be interactive, totally rad, real-time, and thoroughly 21st century, I’ve created a Facebook group for the event. So, if you’re on Facebook, and who isn’t, please join the group, spread the word, post your Unithon photos, memories, favorite slice of cold pizza, or the landmark at which you realized you could actually finish the ride.

i wish i could go this year! though sadly i will be doing a semester in austria, this is a blast and i strongly recommend that anyone close by should come out and ride!

Most likely coming on my 26"
Whats the distance and avg MPH?
I know there will be loads faster and slower riders, just curious.

Hopefully some other NY Unatics will be going, Ill bring it up next week at the practice/ meeting.

It’s about 19 miles and a few people finish in under an hour and a half. These people usually right straight through and stop briefly or not at all at the water/break stations we set up.

I sent David Stone an email asking him to disseminate the info to the Unatics. He will send out an email, but please, do bring it up when you next meet. Thanks and look forward to seeing you.

Nice, my regular ride is 6-7 miles and takes me about an hour.
I’ve only been riding for 2 months and only 1 week so far on the 26" so far, so this should be perfect for me, Once I get my new seat of course.
I think 19 miles on the Torker LX saddle will kill me :astonished:

I saw some pics of Bob and some other Unatics when I browsed last years pics.

Level 11?

Many people from Austria return to LBI just for this very special day!

Will anyone from Brooklyn do similarly?

haha I know, I hear that all the austrian unicyclist come over just for this, but sadly I do not have a extra 1300 dollars laying around :frowning:

Haha. LOL.

Uh, no.

Do not confuse us with the LBI Unipornithon.


Remember the year the LBI turn-out was so vast, they had to close the New Jersey Turnpike!! People came from all over to participate, it was the biggest event on the Eastern Seaboard that year.

The “Hogfarm” was feeding people, it rained, and Raphael received accolades from world leaders for keeping the gathering peaceful.

The rumors are already starting about this year’s LBI Unithon, like it’s possible BillyTheMountain will make an appearance and be signing autographs (!!!) for all participants.

I’m coming this year. My goal is to finish the ride in under 11 minutes while completing the NY times crossword.

PS: Raphael you are totally rad and thoroughly 21st century.

One year I was so slow, I missed some of the water stops. But one of the volunteers found me and brought me water anyway! I can’t remember if that was before or after my usual stop at the Oasis Grill for a Taylor Ham and cheese sandwich* and coffee. To go, of course. I eat it on the way, which is dangerous because all the drivers, instead of watching where they are going, are watching a man eat lunch – sandwich in one hand, coffee in the other – while riding down the road on one wheel. Not hard to do, but it still freaks people out.

    • only New Jersey people know what that is

This was on page 8, thought i’d give it a ping

I’m going to try to make it this year. Obie talked me into it. Give him a sales commission.


Greetings all.

We have a winner. I have received the first registration of the year from one SS, who may pipe up and give his name out freely if he chooses.

Just 49 days folks. You might as well start sending those forms and checks in now.

See ya!


One month to LBI Unithon Eleven!

Send in those registrations folks!

Thank you.

One week until the Unithon.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.

Please send in registrations if you can.

Oh, and I’ve got the t-shirts!!!


What color are they?