The Last Nimbus 36" Special Edition sold (pics)

Bought it about a month ago and it finally arrived yesterday (with a massive hole in the box mind you). Amy at UDC told me that it was the last of two Nimbus SE they had left but hadn’t posted on the website. Haven’t ridden it yet due to several feet of snow.

I do have a few questions, though.

a. What 125mm cranks would you recommend for this thing (preferably black and light)?

b. What pedals would you recommend (preferably light and not plastic)?

c. Anyone on here have the Nimbus SE with a brake? I wonder because the braking surface looks concave to me.

d. What grips work nicely on the T7

e. Can anyone recommend a bag that fits the t7 nicely (preferably something the runs close the the seat post for balance reasons)

f. and finally, has anyone ever done an air-seat conversion with the nimbus gel saddle? If not what is your favorite air-seat tutorial?

Thanks a lot and I’ll see you at RTL!

why did it take so long

Did UDC explain why the shipping took so long ?




well it wasn’t UDC’s fault. To avoid hundreds of dollars in brokerage and duty fees I had it shipped for free with another order to this bike dealer in Calgary. He then shipped it to me in Toronto for 13 dollrs via Greyhound. the reason it took so long is really just because Greyhound is horrible in all ways.

hey, just run down to a bike shop and try some of the grips there and find one that you like.

If you are looking at high end pedals, Straitlines are really really nice, but at aout $115 they aren’t cheap.

also, I highly suggest you snatch up a KH freeride seat instead of an airseat, most people think that it is a much comfier seat for distance, and air seats can also get flats which suck.

I hope that helps a little bit :slight_smile:


hey, yeah. I have heard this as well about the KH freeride. I like the way it looks as well.

a. Torker LX cranks, they run about $25, look nice, and are light.

b. speedplay derillium (about $100). They have an unusually large platform, which I really like.

I also recommend the freeride, without the airseat conversion.

What made it a “special edition”? It doesn’t look like it came with an airfoil rim…

As for the cranks…the best cranks are the Qu-Ax ones. Light and no q-factor, very nice. I have been using Snafu pedals on my setup, but I will eventually switch to some mg pedals.

Looks realy nice, Im very jelous. I do think it would look better if it had a blue seatpost though.

What did it end up costing you

What was the final price.

UDC price ($565 + T7 Handle)
Shipping to calgary ?
Brokerage fees
Taxes ?

what kind of dog do you have?

thats looks awesome. and i have a question about a nimbus too, well acually in genral all unicycles. Is a quick release seat post clamp going to hold up as well as the two screw clamp that comes with the nimbus 20" trials. :thinking:

Crudely; no.

You have very nice bannisters too.

airfoil is not a good thing. the current airfoils are defective. they’re undersized and powdercoated. that rim looks aluminum and hopefully does not have said defects.

What so special about it? I just got the regular nimbus 36 and all its missing is the handle. About the seat, I’ve have the kh freeride on my torker dx and its not that comfortable. They really ought to make better seats.

The air seat

I have a nimbus gell, and a kh air seat, and have used them both on my 36.

Stock, the air seat is kinda lame. It gets misshapen easily, and if you run it soft, the ass bones tend to push the tube up into the frontal sack space. Not comfortable. If you run it hard, it’s not really more comfortable then the nimbus IMHO.

The fix is fast and cheap. Find a piece of closed cell foam. The cover is held on with a draw string closure, and can be removed or replaced in seconds. Position the inner tube centrally, and duct tape it in place. Then duct tape your foam over it.

This simple mod allows me to run the seat at about 5 psi. The foam keeps the air tube from popping up in front. The low pressure gives excellent comfort, and a bit of suspension. Best 36 seat I have tried so far. I haven’t tried a free ride though.

If you want to try an air seat, I would recommend the KH, despite it’s deservedly bad rep. The parts are high quality, and the cover can be removed and replaced many times. The cover on the nimbus is stapled on, and an air seat has a sort of indeterminate volume. It is not a good match for a stapled seat cover.

I have never tried it, but perhaps you could buy the kh seat cover, and an inner tube (the kh bladder is an inner tube), and use that if you are a bit short on $. I don’t see the value in losing a nimbus seat though. I think you are better off buying the kh air, and messing with that until it suits you. Just be aware that few people are impressed with them stock.

My modded seat has gone about 1000 miles in the last 6 months. It is much better then the nimbus. About twice the sit time before I feel like taking a walk break. It is slowly getting a little misshapen, I may have to remove the cover and re tape it any month now. I will experiment then with a different type of foam, just for fun.:slight_smile:

Comfort of seats, that I have, IMO from worst to best:

LX, CX, DX/older KH fusion, KH Air (good for bumps), Nimbus gel, '07 KH Fusion Freeride.

What I think would be the best (but haven’t tried it) is similar to FTL’s. KH Air & a layer of foam w/ the center cut out, like the new Freeride.

Well UDC actually charged me 599 USD for the uni plus the t7. They shipped it for free to this guy in Calgary (Velocity Motion Werks) among some other shipments he already had coming from UDC. I then payed an additional 14 bucks to have the uni shipped via Canada post from Calgary but it turned out the package was too large so he shipped it via Greyhound. This was 60 bucks but he covered the extra (good guy). The final price was 716 Canadian with tax and shipping. I avoided all duty and brokerage fees because of the extra efforts of Amy from UDC and Peter from Velocity Motion Werks. Taxes were only 6 percent i believe but I am not sure.

Well i believe that the rim or hub shipped with the SE is different. I’m not sure how because they have long ago taken down the nimbus special edition link on their website. If anyone knows the extact difference I would love to know as well.