The lad freemounts


It finally happened,King MUni-Man can freemount! On his first practice
session he worked at it for about 1/2 hour, mostly fooling around and
not trying much (maybe 10 attempts) He managed one freemount and was
really excited. Last night I asked if he wanted to practice again and he
did. We went out to the garage and he nailed 30 freemounts! The little
fella’s really got it down, and that means I don’t have to stop riding
and help everytime the King is dethroned! Life is good. :wink:



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Re: The lad freemounts

So does that mean you’re going to leave him behind through not having to stop, or is he going to leave you behind though not having to wait? :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

Wow, awesome Jason! Congrats, King MUni Man!

Way to go you guys. What a great unicycling duo you will be now.

Have fun!


Jason, I’m preaching to the choir when I warn you that “Like father, like son” will soon revert to “Like son, like father”. There’s no stopping him now!

Been left in the dust long ago,

Like father like daughter

Preach it brother! Works for “Like daughter, like father” too!

I’m convinced that he was just being polite and decided to wait until you had built up enough stamina to keep up with him. The freemount thing was just a vehicle.

awesome stuff!!
how’s the rest of the family coming along?

Re: The lad freemounts

GILD wrote:
> awesome stuff!!
> how’s the rest of the family coming along?

My wife has temporarily put off learning until spring, but she still
wants to have a go at it. My daughter has ridden at school and
practiced idling a time or two in our garage. It’s winter in Alaska
though we still have NO snow (El Nenio). Anyway me and my son have
been hitting the trials once a week, bu my daughter hasn’t wanted to
ride in the cold and she allot of school obligation that requite most of
her free time.

Thanks for asking!