The Koxx-One riders are a bunch of slackers.

Whats this? No video yesterday again?!?!
So much for a video every friday:( .
Its been I’m pretty sure over a month now. Every friday, I look forward to seeing a new Koxx-One video, and theres never any there :angry: .

At least they would have only been flat so we havnt exactly missed out on much :smiley:

Marcus, how can you even say that after watching Hungarian Underground?!?!(assuming you did watch that)

When done well, flatland can be amazing to watch. Especially that one triple-varialroll combo of Benyos, that was incredible.

and besides, I’d like to see some more of krisztian kovacs. rumor has it, he got a triple hickflip. He can also probably trey 8 sets now since he can fifthflip 6s lol.

but… well i guess your taste is different from mine. noob flatland is definitely boring, but then again, i’d say noob street and noob trials is even more boring.

I never knew koxx were slackers :thinking:

HAHA, that’s very good.

Xavier has a new video on his youtube… if you’re talking about K1 sponsor vids right? (I can’t find it now, and I’m so sure it was him because I watched it this morning, but it’s not on his youtube… :thinking: ) <<<< ok scrap that I got confused cos ‘‘monocyclers’’ uploaded his no flip in flat vid, and I was tired lol.

And there’s this


Marcus rides a unicycle. What a gaylord:p .

That was awsome!:stuck_out_tongue:

Loic landed a triple hick in the wunschkonzert best trick comp.

Krisz wasn’t at wuko.

damn i wish i was that good

If you pause it at 2:09, you can see that loic has a blue KH cover on his seat.

thats just a re-upload. thats been there for almost a year.