The kid wants a Muni

Hi folks,

Bear is now riding off road, popping his way over roots and swishing through sand. It’s rather incredible to see this progress. He wants a muni and I’m inclined to get him one.

He’s about 50 inches tall. I am thinking of getting him a 20" trials and cutting the frame down. His legs are not long enough for a 24" tire. Are there knobby tires for the torker dx? That’d be an inexpensive option that would work.

He’d benefit from a grippier tire and a larger wheel. He’s currently on a 16" torker.

the unicycle can’t be too heavy for him. he’s only 60 pounds. Cost is of issue, of course.

Your thoughts on the matter? What’s a mom to do?

Also we’re going to nationals, are there any deals on unis there?

well. the torker dx is pretty heavy
i recomend the nimbus trials unicycle or the bedford light duty trials.
they are almost identical unicycles except for the frame.

just throw a splinded hub a knobby tire and a saddle with a handle on his current uni thats what i did for my sister’s when she wanted a muni

a 60 lb kid doesnt need a splined hub… for a long time atleast

Thanks, MO1W but those are over $200, and I don’t think he needs a splined hub…yet, before he out grows this.

I did make a mistake in my first post :astonished: I meant the LX, sorry. Silly me!

What I’d like to do is put a knobby tire on a lighter freestyle frame. Any knobby tires that will fit a LX or Nimbus II rim?

the cheapest trials uni you can find would be a great off road machine for a youngling, and will also work as a trials uni when he needs :slight_smile:

a nimbus 20" is $180 at UDC

thats a good idea

Thanks guys!
B :slight_smile:

Yeah for a Kid his size id say a 20" trials uni will do him alright. Im 5’4" and i ride some Muni on my trials(its very slow thought:P) As for fitting a tire for the 20"Torker LX maybe a Maxxis Maxdaddy would work. its a 20x2.25" tire and its pretty grippy.


I support this decision.

Yes, there are TONS of BMX type tires that would work just fine on the LX. Just go to any bike shop and look at the BMX tires they have. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure it’s not too wide to fit in the LX frame. I think anything under 20X2.3 would work.

what did i say?:stuck_out_tongue:

that is it

in an edit, i added to my ‘get the cheapest trials’ with an actual researched trials uni, which happened to be what you mentioned, as it turns out, but i also gave a price.

I’ll give you half credit :slight_smile:

wait… an LX can be bought for $100 and he clearly could not kill it (being 60 lbs) so i say get him that, a good tire, and maybe a new seat


i think that is too skinny a frame to be too much fun in the woods

You’ve probably already thought of this but remember he is going to need pretty small cranks, the ones on the LX skrobo linked to are 175!

If you get it from UDC I think they will swap the cranks to the size you want at no extra cost.

one more Bear to haunt the woods! it’s about time we get recognised as a new species: ursus unirotor sylvicolans (wood unicycling bear):slight_smile:

Tue from Cornwall came riding with us recently, with his son Tom. Tom is 8 and rides a 20" freestyle unicycle with a knobbly tyre. He was riding as well as most people on 24x3 or 29 tyres and pretty close to as fast, so what you’re thinking of will work fine.

The 19" trials unicycles are okay, but if you ride anywhere muddy and wet they’re not so good, as the tyres aren’t knobbly enough.


Joemarshal is dead on.

We are using the 20" freestyle with knobby for my daughter.

Play with air pressure. Just like the big MUnis we like enough pressure to just avoid bottoming out.

Big Help Too:
Upgraded her seat to one with a full proper handle. Muniers use lots of handle. This made as positive an impact as knobby tire did on her MUni experience.

We tried her on my Summit Trials. It works but is MUCH MUCH heavier. So she prefers her MUni-fied Torker for now.

Soon her legs will be long enough to reach a “real” MUni’s 170mm cranks. Then we go there.