The KH24 doesn't exist

I just got off the phone with a local Norco store, and the only KH unicycle is the entry level trials.

I must be thinking of the unicycle because norco only makes that one.

Even after arguing with the store guy that people OWN THEM, still…they don’t exist. I must be wrong.

And he was in contact, so he says, with the Candian Norco distributor.


According to, my non existant KH24 will be here in about 4 to 5 weeks. Guess it’s going to be hard to ride it if I can’t see it.

Remember, Andrew will want you to include your zero mass entry in his MUni mass poll. You are really going to be able to hop on that sucker.

does this mean cheep shipping?

Hey Sofa,

It’s true, Norco KH 24" unis do not exist north of the 49th parallel. It appears that for 2003, Norco has sent all of their 24" KH frames to They list them in their little product catalog for 2003, but my local bike shop called up Norco to find that they are not being distributed here this year.

Oh well. Perhaps next year…


(re: Cheap shipping…tee-hee…)

i belive that norco have some policy that states they don’t have the same products available online and through retail outlets,
so i suppose you won’t be able to get the entry level kh20 through
has anybody tried to get the hub/cranks through a norco dealer?

I have been trying to get my hands on a Norco KH20" from my local bike store for the past 2 months. Unfortunately, I too have run into the situation by which my bike store cannot get one from Norco. It was hard enough getting a straight answer as to why that is the case.

It’s rather unfortunate that a product produced by a Canadian company cannot be purchased from a Canadian retailer.


I went down to the local Norco dealer told the Boss that I wanted, a KH 24,699.00 can…I gave him the cash ,and 2 weeks later I got my Muni.No fuss no bother.I also got the 20"KH another super deal .349.00.
Cash talks I guess.


I asked the local bike dealer here about the price of the KH 24 because it’s in the catalogue. He inquired with his distributor and was told that they have a deal with kris to put the uni in the catalogue but it can only be bought through I dont know how much truth there is to this but it looks like I would have to get it from To get it in B.C. seems quite easy. The bike store probably has a contact in the factory therefore it would be possible to get one. I have had some experience with dealers(in Victoria or Vancouver) having contacts within Norco so it’s possible . I wish we could get them here in Canada without going to a U.S. supplier.

RE: Norco’s online policy

I think that is why the unicycles being sold at do not say Norco on them anywhere, nor do the KH saddles have Axiom (a Norco brand) embroidered on the back like the Canadian-sold ones. The orange uni’s are being branded only as KH’s. I expect that Norco decided to get the most return on their risk by selling the more expensive splined hub unis through a unicycle-specific seller, rather than sending them off to bike shops where they may or may not sell. I suppose they ARE kind of pricey for bike shops who have no expertise or interest in unicycles. (I went into a local bike shop last night after a 1.5 h ride on city streets, and the manager was the first person of the day to tell me that had I lost my other wheel. What a ham! The man’s a regular Seinfeld!)

Just my theory…


Really, there is only one clear and reasonable option for Canadians. Get a Bedford MUni!

The 3 inch frames are now in. Add profile hub, Gazz tire, get it powdercoated orange and you’ll have a great MUni at a great price. You’ll have it NOW not when Norco decides it will provide Canadians with MUni’s.

Why wait? And why hassle with Norco and bike shops?


Re: RE: Norco’s online policy

That sounds like a pretty good guess. Back in the 80s, Miyata were the best unicycles out there, but I probably only ever saw them in about a half dozen bike shops. Nobody wanted to carry them because they were too expensive. Unicycle sales for bike shops were relatively rare enough, but waiting for someont who wanted to pay more than twice the price of a “base model” unicycle might take forever. This is bad business for bike shops, which don’t make much margin on the bikes in the first place. has been working hard to get things rolling in Canada so they can sell direct there. I don’t know what the status of this situation is, but hope it’s close to completion.

Sofa, I have learned no to argue with people like this. Simply offer a friendly wager. Then return with proof… and the balletrina outfit that the guy now must wear. Don’t forget the wand.

Re: The KH24 doesn’t exist

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>Remember, Andrew will want you to include your zero mass entry in his
>MUni mass poll. You are really going to be able to hop on that sucker.

Also, it makes the mass to weight conversion so much simpler.

Klaas Bil

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It was so simple.Ask your Norco dealer to sign up to be a distributor.
If I need something now for Uni I’ll I gotta do is ask ,He does the rest.And my Orders seems to arrive here in no time ,2 weeks.
It’s nice to have options to get anything you need or desire. Norco,,,sooooo spoiled.