The KH Video (trailor)

So I see trailors are quite cool lately.
So heres a trailor of a video I’ll (hopefully) finish soon:

There will be more than just curbs and 4 sets in the full, dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: forgot music, lol

the name is confusing and yeah music would really help it out. I liked some of the tricks tho.

change the name. it doesnt work
other wise everyother vid would be a “kh vid”.

good vid. but why make a trailor?

i like your first name too :stuck_out_tongue:


Why thank you.:slight_smile:

I made a trailor because I didn’t have enough footage for a full video and it would be some motivation to finish it.

I’ll change the name.

what song are you going to put on the actual video?

I think you should re-film that crankflip down the 4. The angle you have sucks.

ur good :slight_smile: but name suck haha :smiley:

The camera angle credit goes to my mother on that one, but I’ll get a better shot, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the music, I’m not sure yet, it mostly depends on how long the video ends up being. It’ll probly be along the lines of Bad Religion or Anti-Flag.
Whenever I hear a Billy Talent song it reminds me of unicycling. But their music seems to be in a lot of videos already. Hmm…

Take one of ANTI-FLAG…i love this band ^^

well played mate, flippin 4 set at 14 is another sign that the standard is rising so quickly

nice one ! looking forward to the full thing.