The KH T-bar Touring Handle

Hi all my name is chris and i am looking at getting a KH T-bar Touring Handle so i can do some longer rides and progress further in my muni, i have a nimbusII 24" and wanted to know if The KH T-bar Touring Handle will attach to the seat post or if i need a KH Adjustable Seat Post uni specific to make it work? any and all words of wisdom welcome


The T-bar itself just bolts to the bottom of the saddle, I do not believe the seatpost will make a difference. I think that the only requirement is that the saddle has a 2009 KH base… I could be totally wrong, as my T-bar is not here yet.

This is right. 2009+ Nimbus saddles also use the KH base and are compatible with the T-bar. Look at the underside of your saddle. If it has a KH signature logo molded into the plastic and the bumpers are held on with allen bolts you should be set.

thanks guys

Right, I installed a T-bar on my Nimbus new flat saddle

Install the stiffener plate between the saddle and teh seat and you’ll get more nose up seat angle out of that fixed post.

There’s a thread on T Bar set ups under custom grab handles in the review section

I apoligize in advance for the bad picture.

It is my birthday and I recieved a KH T-bar. I set it up, but I have a few questions as to whether I set it up correctly:

  1. The directions say “the saddle handle goes under the reinforcement.” I am somewhat confused on how to interpret this, because this can be seen as two different things, depending on how the saddle is oriented when the T-bar is being installed.

  2. When I attached the L-brackets, the bow out slightly, is this normal?

As it stands, from the bottom up, I have the bolt head, the washer, the L-bracket, the reinforcement plate, the saddle handle, then the saddle base. Is this correct?

Here is a photo:


I recently modified my KH T-handle to fit my SW CF base, which were made to the Miyata bolt patterns. Easy fix to fit the base, by drilling a couple of new holes in the brackets where they bolt down to the front underside of the base. Was able to retain my DG as well which I really like!

The problem I was having, dating back to when the T handle was on my standard plastic KH seatbase (with the reinforcement plate that comes with the t handle), was that the two bolts that attach the handle to the brackets can only be tightened so much. So during an upward pull while climbing, hopping, etc., it would sometimes move up.

So I thought of a a very easy, quick fix, to make it virtually impossible for the handle to shift from whatever position you have it at. I simply drilled a hole through the two brackets with the handle installed and pre-positioned, and added a third bolt to lock it into place. And since I never change the angle, I won’t need to remove it.



That’s not a flat saddle :stuck_out_tongue:

This a flat saddle.

I’m using this KH T-bar/NNC Flatfish setup for my 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge on Saturday.


assembly instructions

Just a quick note on T-bar assembly in regards to the M6x10 bolt and M8x10 insert. The M6 seems a little oversized (that’s what she said) for the M8 insert so it might take a little effort. The good news is you don’t have to rely on the little tooth on the M8 (learned this the hard way after doing considerable damage to mine) because the M8 (even though it appears round) will take the same size allen wrench to hold it against turning. So, if you are having trouble keeping the M9 insert from turning, put an allen wrench (the same size as the one you are turning the M6 with) into the round hold in the back of the M8. Hopefully I will remember this next time. Probably not so I’m going to leave this search phrase M6x10 M8x10.


I’ve followed the instruction, but I have a doubt on the seat post.
should the reinforcement plate stay below or over the seat post tube plate
the one in chrome near the “Kris Holm” signature on the reinforcement plate.

there is anywhere a video of how to install it?
currently the order is
on the back

  • reinforcement plate
  • seat post plate
  • saddle
    on the front
  • touring Handle
  • reinforcement plate
  • plastic cover
  • saddle

a vidoeo for installing the disk?

The installation looks fine.

I don’t think the reinforcement fits with the plate between the saddle and the seatpost. Also it would push the saddle front way up.