The KH Seat, now GM

after multiple seatpost failures…i took my broken KH seat to an engineer…the result being the photo below. it was an interesting conversion, the seatpost was widened about a centimetre, which made fitting it into the seat hard, but after removing some plastic from the inside of the seat, it fitted nice and snug. the only thing that it affects is seat out, it becomes quite hard to hold (but not impossible) has anyone else made drastic improvements to their seatpost? the engineer wasnt sure how long it would last, so if anyone has tried this before, it would be good to hear ya thoughts :slight_smile:

Looks interesting, needs a bit of black spray paint tho.

Seems like you just need a bmx post and rail adapter. I dont really feel like going into why they are stronger but they are.

No need for all that metal and extra costs of consulting an engeneer and welder.

yeah, just get a KORE seatpost and an adapter for whatever seat you are sporting. i think this would be much better, its just that adapters are so much money.