the kh 36er is on sale at

just wanted to let you know not working for me (takes me to a foreign site)…Am i doing something wrong?

Silly newbie… :slight_smile:

The OP was just lazy…

Awwww you got me! Yeah i’m a newbie…at what point does one not be a newbie?!

When they don’t resurrect an 11 year old thread…:smiley:

Is that me then?? LOL
Which thread was that?
Duh! :thinking:

Oh i got it lol!! Not sure how i didn’t notice that!!! (searched for Grimsby :D)
Still i’m getting the hang of it.

I just added a tire to my cart at UDC, and for the very first time ever, tax was added! I have never been charged tax before online, for something that I ordered, unless it was in the same state. I wonder if this is something new or a glitch in the UDC system.