The jump mount - fun, impressive, and most important, EASY!

During mine and Alex’s (monkeyman) daily unicycle practice today, he suggested we learn the jump mount.

And - I kid you not - we learned this impressive-looking mount in about 10 minutes.

We both started learning on the grass, for less wheel movement and for more confidence. We put the pedals in our hopping position (left in front for me, right in front for him), and just jumped up onto the seat, holding onto the front of the seat with one hand. We literally had it down on the grass in 4-5 tries, and then after a few tries on concrete (preferably flat) and time to work up our confidence, we were landing them with ease pretty much every time. We were pulling them off with amazing smoothness for the rest of the 2-3 hours of practice.

This post is for more than just bragging about our new skill (really, it’s not impressive at all to most people on the site), but to encourage those relatively new unicyclists who are looking for something easy and fun to learn to try out the jump mount. The key to being able to pull off this skill is 100% mental - don’t doubt you can, don’t think you can, but know you can, and past that, the actual physical learning process is easy as hell.

Happy riding!


Oh, and I’ll try to get up a video of us doing it later.

maybe i should try it tommorrow, it sounds easy

ive tried before, but never really had any idea how to do it, thanks

The jump mount is one of the most consistently easy and impressive skills on the unicycle. Once you get up to the stuff where you spin the uni around before you land on it (I’ve almost got the 360 jump-mount to 1ft ww consistent), it looks really impressive and compared to other similarly impressive things, it’s not all that hard. :smiley:

next try the suicide mount. It’s awesome.

That’s the same thing except I don’t hold the seat while I jump on, right?

Is that one hard?

Only when you don’t land on the pedals! :astonished:

it’s not hard at all. It’s all in your mind.
just like the jump mount. Just be sure to balance the seat just right so it doesn’t fall.

super easy, just remember to let the seat fall back not forward, and it hurts worse if the seat falss but you get the pedals

i learned to jump mount in a day and the first time i tried it, it was on concrete

I’ll learn them tomorrow!!! and aslo tomorrow ill get my new torker dx =p so ill get two new things tomorrow lol

try the crankflip mount… well thats how I call it… push ur uni bring it up so ur pedals spin a crankflip then jump on…

I’m gonna try that too!!! lol, and seeing how i have such a mount filled day ahead of me, i’ll go for a kick-up mount, ive only seen videos of it done so im just gonna go off that lol

Hm, interesting idea, never though of it.

I actually think I will learn the rolling mount next as far as mounts go…seems pretty easy. And maybe now that I can almost ride SIF, I can work on mounting SIF, too.

bith the crankflip and the kickout mounts are rlly easy… u should be able to get them down