The Joy of Cokering...

Happy happy, Joy, Joy! :smiley:

To the music of “Taxi Driver”

Thanks for reminding me i don’t have a Coker Terry!:p:(:smiley:

I’m close to buying a new KH 36er, but will keep my current 36er, so it will be here as a backup and loaner for visitors…just like Mr. Orange! (brand spankin’ new, and as yet, unridden!) :smiley:


WHY HAVEN’T YOU RIDDEN MR.ORANGE YET?! :stuck_out_tongue: I have that same frame and am loving it although, as others have mentioned, it appears to chip/scratch easily. :frowning: Hope that doesn’t happen to Mr. Orange, he’s so pretty! Anyways, a few quick questions here… What wheel/rim have you put on him, what saddle is that, and what stand are you using to prop him up? Ek! Hope that’s not too many questions. :thinking: I’ve really been meaning to upgrade my MUni and man, that’s just one awesome suite you’ve put on Mr. Orange! :slight_smile: I hope my MUni will look that cool someday… By the way, great video once again! Your frequently adding them to this site and they always turn out so nice and are very entertaining to watch. Thanks!

P.S.-sorry for all the smileys -_-

Thanks. :slight_smile: I havn’t ridden yet because I just ride my main KH MUni. The Rim, hub and tire is the same as my KH; LM rim, nimbus hub and intense 24x3 tire. The saddle is a fusion free ride, and the stand is just a basic uni stand. Not sure what you meant by “suite” though.

Oh, and the cranks are off since I was using them for that fargo hill climb. (165’s). Speaking of the hill climb, it would no doubt been a lot easier with a lighter setup, and with the KH drilled rim. But what the heck, the harder the challenge, the greater the sense of accomplishment! :slight_smile:

A unicycle unridden, is a useless unicycle. You should donate it to a unicyclist in need :wink:

Oh, lol it was just a stupid analogy… I was saying that because Mr. Orange is a “person” that it was an awesome “suite” he was wearing, referring to all the nice gear you’ve put on him. Yeah I know, it was lame. :sunglasses: Just ignore it. But thanks for the info and I can understand why you’d ride a KH over a Nimbus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like he’s loaning it to visiting unicyclers so, that’s an even better cause :slight_smile:

Haha, ok I get it. But I think it’s spelled “suit”, as is suit of clothes. “Suite”, pronounced like “sweet”, has few meanings, referring to connecting rooms, or an instrumental composition consisting of a series of varying movements or pieces, or computer related stuff. :slight_smile:

Haha, I remember Ren and Stimpy.

Nice video, by the way. Very arousing. All that slow motion and soft jazz… I think I need to sit down.

Did I really just fail that hard? :astonished: And that’s why I’m still in school… (I knew it didn’t look quite right) My bad! (-_-) Time for me to go to my corner of shame…

Haha no way! It was just the little “e” at the end of the word that threw me, lol. I’ve made so many spelling errors that the little e was nothing. :o

Haha, thanks. Ren & Stimpy rule(d)! :smiley: