The Interview - Michael Grim/Jonny Peacock

Hey guys. I threw a few clips (which were getting kinda old) into a small video. :slight_smile:

The Interview

Jonathan Peacock

pretty funny

haha I like the guy in the fur hat. He was rather humorous. I still envy the stand up ww though.

Nice Backpacker. The new Panic album is pretty good as well. Oh, and nice video:)

very enjoyable. Funny takes, and awesome rolling wrap. Have you done those before?

As little editing as there was, it was still an entertaining video. Nice job.

Neat video. The interview part was pretty funny

song name?

Nine In The Afternoon - Panic! at the Disco

cool video jonny. great job on the rolling wraps.:slight_smile:

Thanks guys.:slight_smile:

It just takes a few days to learn, actually. Good luck! :slight_smile:

No, I just learned them a few days ago after a long dryspell with no riding. Its a neat trick.:slight_smile:

I wish I could. I’m going to France sometime this year, but that isn’t too close. :frowning: