the incredible super extra wide coker hub

With the super wide hub (120 mm) in one hand and the standard coker frame (100 mm) in the other I try make them fit. Unnngh … Well, the hub is in place but with so much tension that the frame threatens to catapult the hub any second.

Tell me what I do is nonsens. Tell me I need a bigger frame.

Or can I heat & bend the standard frame to a better fit? But then I guess the bearing holders won’t come down square on the bearings.

Tell me, what manufactured wide frames are there? Wilder? Hunter? Killer?

O, this monster uni is murdering my wallet …

I know the hunter frames will work with them. I’ve also been told that you can take your Coker frame to Rick Hunter and he will bend it for you to accomidate the super-wide hub.


The stock Coker frame can be manually cold set to fit the wider hub. Someone who has done it can give you the details.

There are several options for frames that are specially manufactured to fit the incredible super extra wide Coker hub.

Hunter can make a Coker frame that fits the extra wide Coker hub
George Barnes makes Coker frames that fit the wide Coker hub
Max Dingemans’ dad can make custom Coker frames, Max is in the TCUC so you should be able to contact him through the club

I have a GB4 Coker frame.

My friend and I just bent it out by hand. We realised we bent it out a little to far. So we had to push it in a little. Its fairly easy just get a friend or some one willing to help. Each of you hold a side and pull. My bearings are fine and I’ve had the new hub for about 4 months now. With the kind of bearing holders that this frame has you dont need to worry about it.