The icebox capitol- where am I?

Morning low -17 F, (-27C); I was here because my daughters U14 hockey team was playing 4 games in 20 hours. All games were played outside, in incredibly COLD temperatures. If they can play 4 games in this crazy cold weather, then I can ride in this crazy cold weather. Dropped her off at the rink, put on all clothes I had with me and off I went into the frosty first morning light. Helicopters were flying food, (overhead) to the deer and elk who are dying in overwhelming numbers due to the DEEP snow this year. My body was very slow in getting started at first.The sideroads were icy and snowpacked. Immediatley the frost began to build on my moustache and beard, and my eyelashes were sticking togther when I blinked. My body was warm, fingers and toes hanging in there, he he. I pedaled up Hwy 145 as the high Rocky Mtn Peaks began to glow brighter. Now my body was working well, I looked around and not much was moving, an occasional car. Anything with 4 legs was looked frozen in time. I only had 45 minutes to ride, as I did not want to miss the start of my daughters game; she is first line center and the opening faceoff is always awesome. I rode towards CB until I had to turn around. I was having a blast, this was friggin fun. My airseat felt like a brick, but didnt matter, I was spinnin and grinnin anway. My 36er tire felt like it was a solid tire, didnt matter. The morning was absolutely perfect in every way. Made it back with a couple minutes to spare before puck drop. BTW, my daughter scored on that first shift, glad I wasnt late. Get out and ride :smiley:

BTW, this was not cold for this place, last week their lows were -38 F & C


back at the rink
get out and ride

It’s about that cold here right now, so I can sympathise with you… though I’m not out riding because we’re experiencing blizzard-like conditions. 30 km hour winds make it feel a lot colder. :smiley: It’s nice to see other who are willing to brave the conditions though. Nice work.

Mike, your mustache looks a little whiter than usual! hah. Just messing with you.

Way to keep on riding regardless of conditions! You’re inspirational!

“No, you’re a Crested Butte!!”

see, and a little rain scares you away :slight_smile:

Your face looks unhealthily red in the second picture.

Were you in Gunnison perhaps? That street corner in the top photo seems awfully familiar…

that reminded me of something that happened to me a long time ago:
I had pretty long mustaches and went nordic skiing through a really cold blizzard.
when I came back my face was covered with ice and long “tusks” of ices had grown on my mustaches : I looked like a walrus. I came in a bar and everyone went laughing and laughing and laughing (except I didn’t realise at once why :stuck_out_tongue: )…

edit: why was my face covered with ice? I was not shaven .

Yeah, I second the Gunnison…

although the official “ice-box” of the nation is Fraser Colorado.

9" powder day in Aspen this morning…I hope you’re not here on the internet!!

ahh, just another powder morning in the Rockies :smiley: :smiley:

…ride on the rink? That’d be “the next level” of uni-hockey!

Unicycle broomball–someone’s got to do it!

Gunnison it is. Here is a interesting fact; yesterday in Aspen it was 60F warmer than it was in Gunnison, and they are only 40 miles apart :astonished:

Sydney Australia 30degree C/86degree F fine chance of afternoon thunderstorm.I experienced similar conditions today in the cool room at the bottle shop while topping up beer supply.Thinking of you.Suckers


Except i work as a Electrical Wholesaler. :stuck_out_tongue: