The Hunter meets the Muniac

I had Rick Hunter build me up a 24" Muni with a bearing spacing to fit Scott Bridgeman’s Hub. The hub has been fitted with Kooka 170mm cranks.
There have been a few threads discussing this hub in one way or another, it seems to have a polarizing affect on people.
For those interested, I’ve set up a gallery with pics of the hub and the completed Muni.

I’ve been out on a few very tough Muni session with this new set up and my initial impressions are very favorable. My main concern was whether or not I would like feel of the Kookas, I had never ridden them. Well, I tried 'em and I love 'em. This is one serious rig.
I’ve been a Profile guy for nearly two years and never really thought about using anything else. Until I suffered the dreaded loose keyway. That’s what led me to try the Muniac hub. I’d followed it’s creation and testing on Scott’s now defunct board. As far as the testing and durability issues, I am confident that those issues have been well documented.
I wanted to give it a try and I am very glad I did.
I didn’t want to go with the Wilder frame for a few reasons. I’ve always felt more at home on a Hunter than other frames I’ve tried and owned. So for me, there was really no question which way I was going as far as the frame. Plus I wanted the option of using a brake. I’ve got a couple other Hunters and have always had great dealings with Rick. He’ll build you anything you want.

- Frank

Cool. Keep us posted on how it works out.


Looks beautiful. I kept wishing for more photos.

Inevitable question, Frank: would you mind giving us the total weight without brake?


Steve Howard


 I've got more photos. If there is something specific you'd like to see I'd be happy to send you some.

As for total weight, I don't own a scale accurate enough for our interests but I'll see what I can do.
  • Frank

When I see posts like this I get a sick feeling in my stomach. That is such a beautiful set-up! I have been spending hours and hours in deep, self-improvement meditation trying to deal with my uni-lust. Then this! Just when I thought that I no longer “NEEDED” a Lightfoot hub/Hunter set-up this comes along (in my perfect Hunter green, too!) I now realize that what the gods were really saying to me through my 12-step program was that I “NEEDED” 12 unicycles including something along these lines……. The gods are testing me! Note to self: Look away, look away, look away.


Glad to see you got the new rig. It is…elegant. Scott and Rick’s craftsmanship combine nicely. Before long I will have something ready for you to add to it. Really.


Scott, you tease! What are you talking about?

Sorry. Frank, and others, have been waiting for me to gear up to make the carbon fiber handles that I have been prototyping. I was just letting him know I was getting close. I probably should have done it privately.


Man! Despite my cynicism to the cost effectivness of Scott’s hub, that’s a sweet setup. Also, I have the philosophy of “Any Hunter’s a good Hunter”, which makes that look even better. I’ve only seen 1 Hunter frame broken, and it was by Mike Middleton, and he’s a really aggressive rider. Good luck!

I think my prototype is one of the only originals left? Still holding up strong, and yet to break.

no thats ok,you killed 5 or 6 birds with one stone…

Yes…and Others. :sunglasses:
Is it coincidence that the stock miyata handle on my Hunter just ripped apart? I think not.

Wow Frank, GREAT looking Muni.

Of course, when you grow tired of her, and decide to one-up yourself, hopefully you will know who to contact first. :smiley: --chirokid–

What? Carbon fiber handle? …and I didn’t know? …sniff, sniff, sniff. Oh. ok. well,… have fun…anyway.


Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to that. It will finish things off nicely.


I hung the cycle from a digital fish wieghing scale (accuracy?)and without the brakes it registered 14.2 lbs. I’ve got a heavy downhill tube in there.
The complete Muniac set up (hub,bearings, cranks, bolts) before build up weighs 2.56 lbs. on a digital postal scale.
Weight savings wasn’t my main consideration in this build-up, but I’ll take it.


   Yeah, Hunters rock!

Sorry :smiley:

Hopefully, that’ll never happen.

The car is loaded up and I’ll be on the trails this afternoon after work. :slight_smile:


that is very sweet, yep. Light weight. Very very cool.

A few months ago I emailed Rick about making a light weight frame. He called it a LS model and was willing to build one. He estimated the weight when finished would be @2 lbs. Did you ask him for a light weight frame, or the one he usually builds?


Hi Rod,
No, I didn’t ask for a lighter frame. I didn’t weigh this new frame but I have weighed my 26" Hunter on a digital postal scale. It weighed 2.24 lbs and that has the old style canti bosses on it.
So, I guess my new one would be pretty close to 2.0 lbs, the 26" is quite a bit longer.

You really can’t go wrong with a frame from Rick. By the way, I didn’t see your e-mail til a few days ago. I answered you, sorry it took so long.

- Frank

Thanks, Frank! I’m sure Joe Merrill will be interested in that number as well. My 26" Pashley with Suzue hub and Doublewide rim, CF seat and Reeder handle, heavy tube and Gazz Jr. weighs about 16 lbs.

Yeah, this is useful information.

When I build mine, I’m going with a fireball and will try a lighter tube. I expect mine will hopefully weigh around 12 lbs by going with the following:

Wilder frame - save 1/2 lb?
Fireball - save 1 lb?
Lighter tube - save 1/4 lb?
Lighter seat post (no brake mount) - save 1/4 lb?

Does that sound right?

Theoretically, I think I could take another 1/2 lb or more off with various mods to the seat, but that will come later.

Frank, Are using a carbon fiber seat base?