The Hot Street Trick Now?

What do you think? In your mind what’s the hottest street trick out there?Curious to what everyone thinks.

-Shaun Johanneson

varial backflip :sunglasses: :wink: :smiley:

I think that everyone is wanting to learn flips…There has been so many new threads on this topic in the past month, that its unbelievable.


Yeah, Shauns flip vid started it…

i donno i like xavier’s koxx one vener video alot… its so key its got both freestyle and street tricks… shauns flip vid is pretty sweet to though

I think most people are wanting to learn crankflips right now…

I’d the trick everyone is doing alot right now is crankflip…

By hottest street trick do you mean the most popular or the one that we think would be the best?
I want to see your crankflip combos in and out of handrails and stuff, that would be really crazy.

Shaun might be Jesus but he aint god yet… hahaha

I also agree crankflips seem to be the trick everyone’s working on at the moment, lots of discussion about them etc. To be honest im not so fussed about them, I dunno im not tryin to learn them at the moment at least, they dont seem to overly excite me…maybe in a while we’ll see (then i’ll probably be obsessed with them :p)

Edit: for me at the moment though im enjoyin/workin on Varials, footplants and just rolling seat in stuff, makin my street ridin smoother and cooler.

yep, i would have to say its crankflips right now, but im working on crank\pedal grabs =p

hottest street trick… handrails

i agree that there is a lot of hype around crankflips, but i think varials are a lot more impressive.

All the ladies know that Shaun is the hottest street trick right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just learnt to foot plant and ive found it can lead to alot of new stuff which I haven’t quite sussed, but also are there any tutotials on that trick where you ride up to the wall n kick off it and back on not sure what its called I’d like to know how people kick off the wall because I think ive just about broke my toes-toe punting the wall

As far as the best street trick now, I really liked the donkey kick combo.

For me flip tricks aren’t that impressive looking. The combos are impossible, but I showed the “flippin” video to a BMXer friend and he said they all looked the same? :frowning:

I’m not sure if it’s been done but to me what would be cool would be a 90 unispin to blind 90 unispin down a set. Maybe this is the wrong thread for “new?” ideas, but for me stuff that is the coolest are stunts that involve getting off the unicycle mid air. A unicycle can-can or such like? I even think a unicycle superman tiregrab down a set would be possible in the near future. Has anyone tried one yet?

P.S. I’m a trials rider, I’m only like a level 4 on the street “skill levels”

has anyone landed a shifty (turn 90º in the air and then turn back 90º) crankflip? that would be pretty sweet.


Well in Shauns flip vid what impressed me most was the 360 flip and the “sex change” thing or body varial flip.

One thing I’ve been wondering for awhile, anybody close to being able to do a 360+ 180 unispin? that’d be awsome, I haven’t heard that being mentioned much before…

Xavier Collos does that in Vener, sortof.