The holidays, street unicycling

Well everyone, we’ve been making this vid for a fair few months now but its finally finished. Its me and my brother (finally got him to ride some more and film stuff!)

vimeo -

youtube - still processing…

Lookin good man. Your brothers style is real nice too.

Edit: My fave trick was the fakie inward-varial 270up.

That was really awesome, I love your style.

I loved the video but 3:45 you needed a helmet :frowning:

awesome vid, looking forward to the next one :smiley:

Nicely done. What camera did you use? Really love the quality and the smoothness.

thanks for the comments guys, i know i should of had a helmet on cos man i felt that for a good 5 hours and had a decent lump for days :P. the camera is a canon powershot S5 IS, not a bad camera but the editing with windows movie maker and compressing for vimeo makes it look dodgey :stuck_out_tongue: the original movie is heaps clearer.

oh and also

youtube -
<< watch in high quality

So good vid guy, i like your style it’s so perfect^^!!!
Not many cranckflip, but your spin are fun!!!

It’s cool how you can do decent small tech street without flipping. Also digging, the in-in ness :p.

I really enjoyed this vid.

This was one of the better videos I’ve seen in the past few months. Good job, it was really entertaining.

I loved the music, style, and transitions; amazing video.

oh! man i remember this guy from awhile back, you’ve gotten so good.

sweet vids

wow, nice, I wish I could do in-in stuff.

Awesome vid:)
Were those white eastern plactics? Looks like we’ve just about got the same uni.

Great video! Really liked the style.

That was a really cool vid. It has a nice length to it. That sucks about your frame snapping at the crown :frowning: and your head getting hit :frowning: but good work on everything else!

Thanks guys, :smiley: glad everyone liked it. they are white eastern plastics, however i broke them jumping over the 3 crates :frowning: so now i have the twisted oddyseys that came with the new uni. sucked when my frame broke for sure! cost me heaps for the new one :open_mouth: far out but totally worth it. the in to in stuff takes a lot of persistence to learn :stuck_out_tongue: for me anyways, i have 360’s and inward varials down pat now, but full varials and fakie stuff is still way hard to land.

Great video!
How did you break your frame?? It seemed like a harmless fall.
I liked the one foot where you glided a rev or two. I’ll have to try that.
Nicely filmed, edited, music, and tricks. Its all good.

thanks mate, i think that the frame was just fatigue plus i tried to straighten my seat without loosening it 10 mins before it broke lol maybe that didnt help. how do you mean the 1 foot where i glided a rev or two? you mean before i broke the frame when i coasted a rev or two? :stuck_out_tongue: