The history of wrap?

Anyone know anything about wraps? Are they even called wraps?

The trick I’m talking about is the one Dan Heaton does in Defect, moments before he does the “super-wrap”.

So I guess there’s 3 tricks that can get confused with each other here:

  1. Super-wrap (back leg comes around uni twice and then uni goes behind back, switches hands and then around the other leg twice)

  2. Wrap - same as super-wrap but legs only go around once each side.

  3. (simple) leg over - leg goes around seat and back to crank

When was the wrap first done? Was it by Dan? I think it’s in Universe1… I take it the super-wrap in defect is the first time that trick was ever done?

I’ve pulled off a wrap like 3 times now and it feels great the times I nail it, seems like a good one for putting into combos too! Has anybody here managed any consecutive wraps?


Pete I think your mean the “Subaraft”.

dies laughing Aww, 10mins up so I can’t edit it into SUBARAFT. So does that make the other one a “RAFT”? And then there’s the double-raft (consec rafts)… triple-raft and the (wait for it) “TRIPPLESUBARAFT”

The next level will be the “air-wrap” down a 10-set… It’s a really fast move so it’s entirely possible, prob not that much harder than say a crankflip down a stairset.


I believe I was the first person to do this trick in 1999. I had not previously seen it done at any convention or on any video and it became my first attempt to invent a trick. I thought of it after seeing people do leg around mounts. The trick seemed new to the freestyle riders at Unicon in Beijing in 2000 too, so unless anyone objects i’ll stake claim to this trick…

I usually call it a wrap or wrap around, but i’m open to a different name if anybody has anything.

I’ll upload a vid of a double-wrap in a second…


I’m not sure if this trick could be pulled down sets or off drops very easily, definitly would be way more challenging than a crankflip in the air… I’ve thought about it, but never put any effort into trying, the mechanics of it just seem really difficult…

This is a “double-wrap”

Well I guess one of us needs to put some time into landing a “half-wrap” down a drop first, and ride away seat out back? Maybe if you got that solid it’d get easier? I’ll check out that vid now

That’s choice! Thanks for uploading it.

Stop talking like the swedish chef in the muppets…!

canoh ELLp eet

If you want to tie it in with our existing (though boring) naming conventions, in the Standard Skill List, you might call it a 2-sided leg around. Check the definition for leg around. Does that fit with your wrap concept?

I dug around in my brain and am not sure that I’d ever seen it done before you either. If nobody from Puerto Rico jumps in later and says they used to do it, you’re probably free & clear. This is the problem with newer tricks that don’t have names; it’s hard to keep track of them! We need names for the ones that are known and not yet defined.

Congrats on your first original trick! It’s very visual. I have what I call Cyclone Spins, which are a combination of frontspins and backspins, and Pedal Walk, which tends to bend your frame. And that thing where you spin the unicycle with your hand on the seat, while standing next to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats different than the “super wrap” in Defect…

Yes, because he is doing two consecutive single wraps. In Defect, he does the Super Wrap (Subaraft :p) which is where each leg does two wraps around the seat.

Yeah I see the difference now.

I heard before someone called it a saran wrap once?

They probably did, the motocross people have a similar move that they call a saran wrap…not as impressive as a unicycle wrap, of course :wink:

I believe the motocross trick is bringing your legs up over the handle bars, letting go of the handle bars bringing your legs under your arms, grabbing the handle bars again and brining your legs back down. It kind of looks like you are swinging your legs around the handle bars. It is pretty similar to the unicycle wrap.

When my brother in-law (who’s into motocross) saw me do a simple a leg around he called it a saran wrap. The funny thing was he’s from Australia and had no idea that Saran wrap was a product (he calls it glad wrap) he thought it was the name of some guy who invented the trick or something :slight_smile:

It’s a girls name :stuck_out_tongue: How do I know? My gf is called Saran, also a unicyclist :smiley:

The earliest recorded wrap-type trick I know of is on One Wheel No Limit. Ashley Wood does type 2) Wrap - same as super-wrap but legs only go around once each side. This is same trick that Dan Heaton did in Universe 1. I think both of these were released in 2000, so they were probably recorded at about the same time.