the Hell On Wheel gang movie

gallery seems to be working fine here, and the gallery remote aswell, first time in a long time.

Could you email it to me? :smiley: Maybe I’ll be able to put it on my crappy angelfire site. No wait. I can only hold 20 mb. Dang.

The build up around this video is reaching Matrix levels!

Is it on the gallery yet?


Not quite yet. I got it to my personal web page, and I think Gilby will be putting it in my album soon. Sorry this has taken so long, but i hope you think it is worth it.


Thanks to Gilby, It is up!!
It is 67 MB, so sorry to any 56K users
:smiley: :smiley:

more to come

We already have a good bit more video, so we should be able to put another video up soon! I will try and buy more webspace so that we can make long videos, like our newest one. If you have any comments about the video, leave them here or in the comments section for our picture.

yep it was your movie:D

67MEGS! ouchy hopefully some nice person will bring that down for us 56erz.


Sorry for the size, I will se if I can get up the smaller one(32 MB i think) without bothering Gilby too much.

Edit- Oh yeah, the music is Electioneering by Radiohead, Hypnotise by the White Stripes, and a song by sublime( I dont know the title)


If anybody wants the smaller one, send me a PM. I could send it through AIM or something.

hey well,4 hours later i got about a huge 56K download.

i went 3 hours without getting dropped (the uni Gods were with me) i had to re-connect 2 x after the 50 meg mark but i finally got it.

the dude on the Steath Torker 24inch deserves major pops!

Wow! That’s quite a download.

I just compressed the video with DivX down to 11.1 MB. I couldn’t get it much smaller without loosing too much detail and making it difficult to watch. It has noticeable compression artifacts, but that is to be expected.


yeah i just had the time (i was watching Midnite Cowboy) so i figured i’d hit "save Target " and see what happened…ive acually already deleted it.67 megs is to much to hang on to with all my MJ concert footage takin up the HD.

id like to see your 11meg version though,

Re: JC

I couldn’t get it to upload to the gallery. Looks like the gallery still needs some TLC by Gilby.

I put the file on my web space. Right-click on the link and do a Save Target As and it should download. I’ll keep it in my web space for a short bit then I’ll delete it. Grab it while it’s there.

The video is encoded with DivX 5.0.3. The audio is MP3 (mono and about 32 kbs so the quality isn’t great). You’ll need the DivX 5 codec to play the video. You can get it at <>

Awesome movie!! I downloaded the whole thing in just over a minute, gotta love T1 connections. :slight_smile:

And being from redneckville I can appreciate the use of duct tape to hold your ladder bridge together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: more to come

would i be out of line if i respectfully suggested the use of protective gear when appearing in ‘official’ movies?
let every rider decide on his/her own level of protection
when appearing in a movie of this nature, riding without even a helmet borders on the irresponsible
i’m not trying to be (too) preachy here, i am asking that u take the setting of a good example seriously
if u disagree with me, please use this forum to futher this debate

that aside, kewl movie!

john_childs- Thanks for hosting that smaller version!

zod- of course we used duct tape. We weren’t allowed to keep it up very long, so there was no point in actually constructing it. Although, it would have probably not fallen apart while sam was riding, but hey, it looks pretty cool in the video.

So what does everybody think about the movie? I think the only comments about the movie so far are the duct tape one, and “the dude on the Steath Torker 24inch deserves major pops!”(its actually a Unistar, but broken now)

what am i?
chopped liver?!?



Gallery remote isn’t working for me. How’s it going for you now? I hope it starts working again for me because when it did it was really useful.


Nice video and skills! I too like to see the pads and helmet. They look even cooler than bare skin, especially the kind that gets left behind.

That duct tape idea is really intriguing. How stable were those duct tape joints? How many wraps did you do? Do you have any suggestions for using duct tape?

Have you tried hopping on that big black ring thing at the playground?

Thanks for your input. I don’t think any of us would want to argue against your point. I’ve had enough uni related injuries to understand the importance of protective gear. If you notice, in most of the shots involving relatively high speeds, like the crazy hill shown towards the end (it looks a lot steeper in person) the guys (I’m actually not in this video) are wearing helmets (except maybe John, okay, shame on him). Still, if they’re not wearing helmets, it’s not because they think “helmets aren’t cool” or anything like that. After riding around with them a few months, I can say these are all pretty safety conscious, responsible guys.

Also, we use the word “official” pretty loosely. We’re not a “Club”, with membership rosters and set meeting times and all that. We’re just a bunch of kids who like to unicycle.

Thanks again for voicing that, though.

Oh yeah, and please disregard the extra “s” at the end of the file title. Don’t know how that got in there.