The Hell On Wheel Beauties

Step Right Up Folks!!

The 2005 Hell on Wheel Swimsuit Calendar is now available FREE online!

Models included are:

January- Miss John, Miss Hugh, Miss Houston, Miss Sam, Miss Frank

February- Miss Frank

March- Miss Houston

April- Miss Hugh

May- Miss Trip

June- Miss Nick

July- Miss John

August- Miss Sam

September- Miss Frank

October- Miss Houston

November- Miss John

December- You all know this beauty…if you don’t, i won’t spoil it!!

Sorry boys!! These gals are taken. But don’t worry, if you hang them up over your bed, you can stare at them all day and all night!!!

I hope you enjoy these works of art.

ooh La Laa

The pic for December looks fake. The rest are great! :roll_eyes:


…must buy

NOOOOOOOOOOO, I am March!!! When March and I combine our powers, I AM JARCH!

john :angry:



Now that brings back visions of Mr Harper- shouldn’t he be in there?

That’s Miz Harper! :astonished: :smiley: :wink: and I believe December looks somewhat like, ah, her.

Of course Harper’s is the only picture that’s legit…I just don’t know about them college professors… :wink:

Oops sorry! (shudder)

I can’t tell if I’m more amused or disturbed.

Why did you save me for December? They want me NOW! Don’t make them wait.

best for last?

yes, i was saving best for last. i wanted to use up all the uglies before presenting the world with true, pure beauty!

I am trying to divert my eyes…


Primitive photoshopping, but I must say the pensive Miss October is actually a pretty decent fit.

We see chicks like Miss December all the time around Seattle, they always go for the one-piecers due to the rain.


I’m going with MS Paint.

I was speaking generically, not meaning to endorse any particular product.

You mean they’re not real? all my dreams are shattered!

of course they are real!! they are the sisters of the hell on wheel gang members. but like i said, they are all spoken for.

as for the technical aspect, i used photoshop for the faces and paint for the fancy pantsy calendar. i know you all are impressed.