The heck?

Somehow I managed to mildly twist one of the cranks on my 24". My left crank is twisted about… 8 degrees if I had to eyeball it… as if i’d somehow stomped on it inhumanly hard when it was in back. I can’t recall doing anything of the sort, and I don’t do tricks, so, hmm.
I’m really not sure what I should be asking here, honestly. Just a bit frustrating and puzzling.

what is ur set up?

The 24 is a stock Axis 24 - I’m not seeing any details on what sort of crank, etc. anywhere.

152mm steel standard cranks.

they could twist without doing anything really ‘trick’ y

they are just cheap metal, so it’s possible even a burst of speed, or a bad dismount might be able to twist them out.

luckily they are very cheap to replace, and them twisting without any kind of abuse is not too common, but possible.