The Hawaii MUni Weekend

Who else thinks it would be a good idea? Possible venues include:

Wa’ahila trail system: described as “a downhill mountain bikers dream trail” and was used for the 1996 grunding world cup of mountain biking… these trails are… awesome. it’s basically the side of a mountain, with about 7 possible trails to ride, all of them well-maintained by local mountain bikers. fast singletrack through the woods opens up to a rocky, drop filled technical section… about a 1.5 mile ride. once trail is finished, there’s Kaniwai park, about a 2 minute ride from the bottom of the trail. picinic tables, basketball courts, sets of stairs… it’s a great place to ride after the trail.

then there’s a bunch of other trails talked about at the bottom of this page

carl hoyer made an excellent post talking about his MUni experiences on oahu

an earlier “hawaii MUni weekend” post talked about winter/early spring as being the best time to ride here. i think early spring would be best, right around spring-break time. the only problem with winter is it rains a lot and the mud here can cling to unicycles.

my questions are:
-does this sound like a good idea?
-what information should i gather about working out the logistics, etc?
-when do you think it should happen?

Re: The Hawaii MUni Weekend

I think it’s a great idea.

Best info to gather would be solid date and location proposals, logistics. I’d imagine folks coming from the mainland might try to combine this with some other family vacation activity. I personally don’t see telling my wife “Honey, I’m flying off to Hawaii by myself to ride unicycle”. As a result, knowing the location–especially island–would be helpful.

I’d agree early spring would be best. Isn’t it late Feb, early March that the whales travel through in some quantity?