The hardest part of unicycling

And that of course is… drumroll
How to get friends/family to learn so you have someone to ride with.

Anyone have any super convincing arguments?

Women will throw themselves at you when they find out you ride a unicycle.

I think I’d have a hard time trying to convince people of that.

I went for a ride the other day. When I came home, I told my wife “Not to worry you or make you jealous, but there were a couple of cute girls in a car smiling at me as I rode by… But that’s ok, they were probably just laughing at me…”

Just share the love. Show them how many different ways a unicycle can light up their life, and how it lights up yours. Maybe the love will come back to you…

tell them there’s chicks, it works with anything

Tell them it increases sexual endurance.

[citation needed]

And that of course is… drumroll

The Ground. rim shot :smiley:

I was almost kidnapped the other day. I rode past a car with two women sitting inside. One turned to the other and said “Get him.” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard, if not impossible to “make” someone want to learn to unicycle. I think most of it has to come from within. I think it’s a fine line of encouragement and demonstration. People will see it’s not impossible, especially the more you do it. Offer to help and be welcoming, but don’t push.

BTW, my joke above was modified from one-liner comedian Leonard Barr: