The guys from DEFECT ....

After watching Defect last night… again… I was wondering what the guys and girl that featured in Defect are doing in the world of Unicycling currently ?

Dan Heaton - some video productions ?
Zack Baldwin - haven’t seen much of him besides in Jess Riegel’s videos, excellent trials rider imo
Kaori Matsuzawa
Kevin McMullin - crazy dude, well came across that way in Defect :slight_smile:
Ryan Atkins - some of the smoothest trials I’ve seen
Justin Kohse - quite active on the forum still, and trying to get MUni to push the boundaries a little more … also one of the only guys I’ve seen that uses/used a 24" for street
Shaun Johanneson - brilliant street ride imo, has gone very quiet
Jeff Groves - BC wheeling doesn’t seem to feature much these days
Sabin Ardity
Xavier Collos
Brian Lundgren
Mike Clara
Keaton Miller

Currently Defect is my favourite Unicycling video and it always inspires me to go riding, even though I cannot do most of what those guys do.

You forgot Kris Holm :astonished:

I did :o

I would love to see Kris in some newer videos :slight_smile:

Defect is the only Unicycling DVD that I have, I would like to see others. Whats into the thunder dragon and One Tired Guy like?

Haven’t seen into the thunder dragon… but one tired guy is SICK… but its long time ago I’ve seen it. I guess it was before I started unicycling…but he does stuff like this:

and here’s the trailer:

Defect includes some great riding, but both One Tired Guy and Thunder Dragon are excellent. In my experience both really hold the attention of both unicyclists and non unicyclists for their duration whereas Defect is easier to walk away from after a while. My guess is that is due to there being no story or commentary in Defect, the segments on each rider are a little on the long side and can seem repetitive after the first few.

One Tired Guy has the four great short movies with commentary, and the commentary from Kris between each tie it together. Thunder Dragon is an epic uni adventure, and again the down to earth commentary really adds to the story. The gliding, ancient steps descent and shepherd’s hut segments are classic!

All three make a great uni movie collection imo.

So, what about the original question: What are those guys from Defect currently doing?

Defect Guys Now

I stayed in a room with a few of the Defect Guys at FLUCK and am still in contact with them from time to time.

Ryan Atkins won the FLUCK Trials competitions. He has since taken time off in order to concentrate on Mountain Biking. He should be finishing up an Engineering degree this year or next year.

Shaun Johanesson is studying engineering. Told me that he was moving out to Seattle and was going to become roomates with Dan Heaton.

Kevin McMullen was at FLUCK with his girlfriend. Don’t know what he is up to.



Thanks Unicorn… anyone else have any info ?

I rode with Sabin and Dan a few months ago. We plan on riding again sometime soon.

Mike Clark is living with Dan, and from what I recall he now races street bikes (not motorized). I could be mistaken though. He’s given up uni from what I understand.

ive talk to jeff one week ago, he ride 36" and he stopped bcwheel because he hurt himself alot doing it :smiley:

Dan Heaton - Still working with video and riding muni and street as far I know
Zack Baldwin -
Kaori Matsuzawa - As far I know she stills rides and lives in California I think…
Kevin McMullin - Still riding… Got 4th at EUC last january! hopefully will come to Brazil soon :smiley:
Ryan Atkins - Someone told me that he’s doing pretty well on MTB!
Justin Kohse - Still riding and doing his awesome digital design works!
Shaun Johanneson - Kevin told me that he was going to study and just ride a bit now…
Jeff Groves -
Sabin Ardity -
Xavier Collos - Do some work for Switch Uni mag, rides a bit but not much… I was in montpellier past winter and he didn’t went to any uni meetings we had there!
Brian Lundgren -
Mike Clara -
Keaton Miller -

That’s what I know… Maybe not right, but I heard that :p!

why can’t you guys remember Kris Holm?

Cause I think we all know what he’s doing now…


I only know what Ryan Atkins is doing now, he’s Riding XC bike. I heard he’s really good, to bad he left unicycling, I wanted to ride with him so bad:(

Dan Heaton

I was talking to Joey Cohn last month (he was visiting jacksonhole) maybe you can remember him from defects bonus footage. Anyway hes still uniing but I asked him about what Dan Heaton is up to and apparently he has gotten a real job with a filming company and still rides alot though. These days he has less time to film and stuff because he has the real job but a new movie is in the works apparently. Thats really all the insight I can give.

yeah didnt he post something a while back about a new movie called revolution one or something like that. he said it wasnt done yet though


oh ya i remeber watching a trailer for a movie called revolution it must have been it. I thought it was due out this yr tho?

Why so curious about the Defect riders anyway??