The great Glide race every one must read!

This post is for any one who can not glide and you are in a postion where you can ww and 1 ft ww well and just need to do your first glide.I think we should make a small comp of who can do it one who can already glide can enter!
All you need to do is put a small video of you gliding in the gallery. the person who learns last will be in and should be in shame and the winner will bath in glory. who’s entering?
(the glide does not have to be riden out of)

I assume this includes you. :slight_smile:

nope i can’t glide if thats what you ment

Re: The great Glide race every one must read!

according to the skill levels, it does
might as well learn good (gliding) habits early
(says he who can’t even spell wheelwalk)