The good The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: My friend Sean and I went out for an awesome 6-7hour ride yesterday that included some awesome trials in a counstruction yard and this like 90% downhill with drops and soft dirt to boot. I was able to mount about 6 feet above the ground on a curbs width board and ride over the pit of brier bushes perfectly the second try and was able to hop up 20 stars and ride down them in the same run. My friend Sean rode a huge teter toter and did the 1.5ft drop at the end. The best part about it was we made a sick ameteur video out of it.
The Ugly must go before the bad:The Ugly. The first hour of riding i biffed hard onto some rocks and scince i wasnt wearing elbow pads i got a half inch dep gash in my elbow and fatty road rash with it I got home and had to clean the cuts out with Iodine and hydrogen peroxide and then was leaking precious pink and clear fluid all day through my many bandages which were replaced. It also took me near an hour to get to sleep evn though i was dead tired but the cut hurt soo much.
The Bad: It took me near 3 hour to try anything big so i wasted half the day. I didnt get to go to the skate park. I couldnt show sean that fatty MTBtrail ive always wanted to do with him.

But Alll In All i had an awesome day and would do it all ovr again if I could.


p.s. Ill havesome pics of my road rash and bruises up soon.

My elbow: