The Good ol' sandy beach.

Hey everybody! I’m going to the beach for spring break! Woo-hoo! I got inspired to try my kool uni on the sand. Would the sand totally grind up my sweet set of wheel? Or would it be just fine? What about rain too? (Pacific Northwest) I’m not to up on what sand and water might do to a cycle.

Thanx for your expert advice!

Re: The Good ol’ sandy beach.

Isn’t Spring Break at the beach supposed to be somewhere warm? You’re going the wrong direction for Spring Break!

What beach are you headed to?

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Hard Pack sand is great, soft sand is more difficult. Try to keep the sand away from the bearings. Wash off any salt residue when you’re done.

Have Fun!

Look out for some great beach rock trials. I can’t wait to get back to the beach and explore some more rocks. Natural trials is great…lots of interesting angles that jump out at you. :slight_smile: - There are 6 photos of some beach trials I did in there somewhere. There are so many possibilities on beach rocks.