The Gazz Snow Plow

So this morning I woke up and everything was buried with snow. No I mean hopelessly buried. Naturally I took the new carbon muni to work. I jumped out my door and the pristine snow was about axle deep. I side hopped up the hill and then had a blast rolling down the sidewalk’s untouched snow. I switched to the unplowed road to ride up this short steep hill and followed a tire rut. The rut ended at the steepest part of the hill at the stuck car. I offered the girl a push, but she said she was turning around because it was to bad to continue. I thought that was ironic that my one wheeled contraption was better suited than an automobile. To this point I was still dab free. The steep of the hill was very slippery, and for every hop foward I slid 82% of it back down, but if I hopped faster, then I got better returns. Next the ride down the hill, where I dabbed. It was a long steep hill, where I followed a tire rut, but like an idiot, when I started to skid, I didn’t remove my hands from my pockets. The skid got sideways and then the other way and I decided to get the heck out of there. When my feet hit the ground I learned it was also to slippery to stand going that fast and I found that yes, my ass was up to the job. So I slid down part of the hill on my ass with the uni in front of me. I got back on and finished the ride without incident. Now all I want to do is leave work and do huge drops. Anyone else commute this morning?

I uni-ed to campus this morning. A route I sometimes take has a drop just off it, so sometimes I “accidentally” go that way and am forced, against my will, to drop off it rather than roll round. I was about to do it this morning when I remembered my bag had a laptop in, so decided against it…

Our snow has all gone… :frowning:


Laptops just thump around too much. So when the snow is gone, I will still take Cokey to school, as I am not tempted to do drops or the other (more)fun things along my route to school.

All this talk about snow lately caused me to MUni in the snow to the post office yesterday. I might do it again today but only if it gets warmer… When I left work 2 hours ago, the temperature outside my tower was -18F (-26C). I have my limits. :slight_smile:

Snow, a subject I can’t relate to! Here in San Antonio,Texas, we haven’t had any real amount of snow since 1985 (about 3-5 inches)
Earlier in the week the high was in the upper seventies, then today we got a “cold front”, predicted high of 42!!!

Today in CT we got about a foot of light powder. But I am afraid of riding in it because of rust. I have a profile hub uni frame and dx32 rim. I put anti sease all over the axel. I am still afraid of rust, should I be afraid

in mass we got that same foot of light powder and went out riding it rocked.

i wouldnt e concerd about rust at cali muni week end poeple were widing through a foot of water jusst dry is off afterwords and it will be fine.


Snow has a way of forcing itself into all of the little spaces in the uni. It will force water and dirt into the bearings (even sealed bearings) and into the pedals. It will force water into places where water usually doesn’t get.

If you are concerned about rust then make sure things are well greased and squirt down vulnerable areas with something like WD-40 before you venture out in the snow. Some vulnerable areas are places like the inside of the fork legs, the insides of hollow steel cranks (like the Profile cranks), etc. If you have lots of anti-seize on the hub then the hub should be OK. I’d also put anti-seize on the threads of the big crank retaining bolt to keep it from getting rusted.

Just be prepared to do some maintenance on the uni after the snow season to clean it off and regrease things. You’ll also have to overhaul your pedals after playing in the snow. Depending on how much snow riding you do you may also have to replace the hub bearings after the snow season.

Have fun. We haven’t gotten any snow in the Seattle area yet. I may have to go up to the mountain (Snoqualmie) to get some snow riding in this season.

Or, get a SH anodized aluminum MUni with SH stainless steel hub and axle.

Thanks John Childs for the great info. I would never have thought about rust in thos places untill it would have been too late.

I’d say that snow is way better than water in other forms. So unless you never take you uni out unless it’s really dry outside snow shouldn’t be a worry.

However, salt on the road is something completley different, if you ride on roads that have been salted it may be a good idea to clean the uni afterwards. Salt accelerates corrosion a lot, and the stuff they put on roads tend to be extra aggresive.