The GAP video-fragile

I think he meant you personally, Jerrick.

I mean you wouldnt jump down 11 stairs on a bike. And on further inspection you could do that on a bike.

But anyway, it is amazing.

WOW big gaps! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but jumping a truck is slicker.

Great vid… whenever i see your gaps, it inspires me to go ride and try to hit a gap… I suck at rolling hops like you wouldn’t believe… my personal record is 4 1/2’.

any advice for a newb? other than practicing, which i do every day, are there any techniques you use?

I ride up as fast as i can leaning forward, and once i start to jump, I even myself out by leaning backward a little bit. Is there a better strategie?

what kind of uni do you have?

That’s rediculus! :smiley:

You need some pads.

Here’s Jerrik’s

pause it if its too fast…


awesome video man!!


ok. that was the shiz. you are a beast. i’m sooo surpised you didn’t break ur uni when you jumped the friggin car! holy mother of god that was sooooo coooool. ahhh. ahhhhhh. i’m geeking out. one day i swear to god ima get all the really good riders(like yourself) and make a DVD liek back in the old days when dan heaton still made stuff.

old days? it wasn’t THAT long ago.

anyways, great job man! I would like to see some more of what you do on a uni.

That would be cool and I’d definately buy it, but w/ so many people posting stuff for free, I think it would be hard to break even, never mind making a small profit, considering the huge costs of comercializing a DVD:o

From what I know all he is extra good at is gaps/ rolling hops. Still he owns them.

God of Gaps!


You are an inspiration! You should be sponsored and featured in future commercial unicycling videos. That truck gap was as big as anything on “defect”!

I personally enjoy reading all of your threads. They are so chock full of invaluble info and advice!


yes, he jumped a truck. But it was a small truck. :slight_smile: