The GAP video-fragile

and yes, i know it has too many UPDs but i’m fine with that, i’m human.
calling out : Chris-THEuniSlab i want to see your video!!!

the suburb i live in is “the gap”

nice video.

thanks :slight_smile:

excellent video. Those gaps are amazing! Great song to. Brilliant video.

Nice vid! Those gaps were huge!

your gaps are abnormal. you nust use some sort of harnes.either that or its rocket propulsion : )

Impressive truck gap.
But you need to wear some protection when u unicycle, realy.

Peter M

That was so awesome. That truck gap was rediculous.

your sick in the head, lol, that was really really good

If you really want me to show you up I guess I’ll throw a video together. Naw but seriously, that truck gap was :astonished: replay worthy


How many stairs was that

11 with about 15 feet of run up.

yeah, i really wanted to wear a helmet on the truck gap, but i forgot it at home and that house was about 45 mins away… and that was the only chance i had to do it. i’m just making excuses, but i really do think that wearing a helmet is a good idea.

jumping over a car is quite slick

I can’t believe you did that one truck gap, the landing looks terrible. Uphill landing on a peice of plywood… haha

Wowee, thats insane! You cant do half of that stuff on a bike!:slight_smile:

You crazy man

You can do all of that on a bike. lol Bikes usually go bigger too.

Like I said in MR, sweet video.

wow you have abnormal jumping skills. I just feel bad for your uni and anything else that may get squished in the landing such as you. Nice video.

well i already put something in “Rate that Gap” but again… that is amazing!