The future Australain unicycling newsletter...

I just had a thought then that it might be fun to start up an Australian unicycling newsletter. I know it’ll involve a fair bit of work but maybe I (and whoever wanted to help) could put out one each season or something like that. It’d be a really good way of keeping people up to date with all the events that are going on and so on. As usual, I’m just sort of improvising here and haven’t thought it through yet but here’s what I’m thinking.

It could cover…

General News - General news.

Upcoming Events - This could be done in the style of a calendar with events throughout Australia and New Zealand (and other close places) in one group and then worldwide events in another.

Reports - Reports of events for example UniNats and the upcoming Weekend of Australian Muni. Also, if any of you people were willing, there could be some reports from events in other countrys, like the Californian Muni Weekend and so on.

Feature Articles - Maybe if someone’s gone on some sort of unicycling adventure that could be covered in the newsletter. For example, some time next year we’re going to do an endurance ride for charity…that would make a good feature article. Maybe in the first issue there could be articles on young and old riders. I know Keith, the 74-year-old who competed at UniNats this year is a really interesting guy and has made some interesting unicycles.

Controversial(ish) Topics - That’s not a good way of describing it, but what I mean is topics that may be discussed reasonably regularly and that are also slightly controversial. They wouldn’t neccessarily have to appeal to the entire unicycling community. By having a range of them they could focus on specific topics while still collectively entertaining the general unicycling community. As an example, there’s been some discussion recently in one of the threads about doing big hucks. People have debated whether or not it’s still a 10’ drop if you don’t land it, and whether or not it’s worth destroying equipment just to do a massive drop. I think this sort of article could be really good as long as it’s never offensive to anyone.

Well that’s all I can think of for now but I’m sure I’ll come up with some more ideas.

I might start writing some articles for the first issue tonight…seriously. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions, comments, etc.?


Here are my latest ideas for articles and things. They might not all go into the first issue but here they are so far…

  • Article on old/young riders
  • New unicycling technology
  • UniNats report
  • Upcoming events like the Weekend of Australian Muni
  • An article on the Californian Muni Weekend if one of you people would be willing to slightly edit one of your write-ups and turn it into a simple article.
  • A whole section in every issue on how to do stuff like hop, gap, drop, grab, grind, build trials obstacles, do unicycle maintenance, etc.
  • Article on Universe 2 to let people know that it’s coming out and that Universe is really awsome and so on. I could also mention that it’ll be available (I’m assumi) from
  • Places to ride in each state of Australia. This would require a lot of people to help by telling me about these places.
  • Maybe something on the safety issue…what pads there are and what they do and why it’s often stupid not to wear them.
  • Good food to eat for long muni or endurance rides.
  • A whinge about the lack of bike trials competitions for us trials riders to join in on here in Australia.
  • Appropriate tyre type for different riding styles.
  • Something on riding conditions.
  • Good photos (this sort of thing is always fun).

So…any additions?


Sounds like a very good Idea Andrew.
That sounds like the same way as “Ozjuggle Magazine” years ago when I was subscribing it right up to 1998 when it ceases production. Kim Kaos was producing that magazine right up to 1997 but was to cease production due to ill health. I have now never heard of her anymore on what happen now these days.
I have only one topic Andrew… Classifieds Ads. That will produced some the Unicycling newsletter coming through. That is… For Sales, Wanted to Buy, Riders Wanted/Available, etc, etc. Funny I was thinking the same way as you are doing it too Andrew but that wasn’t really on my cards at all. I think it’s mainly my Unicycle Club is more important to me than a Australian Unicycling Magazine for me. I’m sticking with what I have got now. My Newcastle-Lake Macquarie Unicycle Club and the Westlakes Coyotes Unicycling Team. Need more help Andrew on any topic’s I’m happy to help if possible.


I think that’s a really good idea…thanks Dave.


Re: The future Australain unicycling newsletter…

Andrew Rowe started (well, 1 edition) of an Australian unicycling
magazine about 4-5 years ago. Obviously it didn’t get off the ground.
I had similar ideas for a juggling magazine in Australia, but didn’t
feel like investing the time in it.

One consideration is how you are going to find your subscribers, and
will you ask for donations or subscription fees. This newsgroup is
pretty adequate evidence that Australian unicyclists and jugglers
aren’t super-active online.

I’d actually suggest piggy-backing the AUS mailouts to save on
unnecessary duplication and to save money.


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You might want to add reviews of different unicycling equipment, i.e. popular MUni’s, protection, brakes.

Thanks guys.

I’m not planning on charging anything for it. I think what I’ll do is make it available from a site (maybe so people can check back for the latest issues and so on. That way, we wouldn’t have to send out a whole lot of big emails to the AUS members.



I had the exact same thoughts at the NZUni weekend. I discussed it with the boys from and they seemed pretty keen on the idea. They currently have their email Newsletter which I’ve just received, today actually, but I was thinking more along the lines of a magazine style newletter- ie with photos, articles, racing news, events etc etc. Like a MTB/bicycling magazine. It’s pretty expensive to put into print, but could be made available as an online e-zine sort of thing.

I had a number of ideas for a NZ issue already- including the NZ Unicycle weekend, Tony’s experience of the Aussie Uninats, product reviews (from someone other the crew), the Taupo Day/Night Thriller 12hr race, maybe the 24hr Rotorua Moonride race in May, Karapoti Classic, The 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge later this month and maybe a blurb about my ride from Vietnam to Cambodia next year.

Perhaps if you guys are keen we could make it an Australasian Newsletter? I don’t think there are necessarily enough NZ Uni riders to support the amount of work required- most events are attended by a pretty small hardcore group of riders.

I know of various NZ sporting newsletters that evolved from black and white photocopy/amateur newsletters into a full fledged glossy magazines over time- NZ Orienteering, NZ MTB assoc, multisport, among others.


I’d definately be interested in doing that. It’d really make things easier for the both of us, not having to write quite so many articles (although we’d still want a good selection). Also, I think it’d be good to try to bring the Australia and New Zealand unicycling societies closer together. Maybe you could email Karen, the new AUS secretary, and see what see thinks. She has been helping me with the bit of planning we’ve done do far.


P.S. Ken, although I’m sure that after Woodford Tony will have spent a fortune on airfares to Australia you are all invited to our Weekend of Australian Muni. I’ll do you a deal…if you guys come over here for WAM, I’ll come to an endurance event over there next year. :slight_smile:


What NZ unicycling society?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, we have thought about starting up one of those too!

Hmm…sounds like a reasonable cultural exchange…when is it?

Well it’s still in it’s early stages although I’ve had quite a few replies from people saying they’d be interested in attending. At thew moment I’m really just asking people when they could make it…especially those of you who would have to travel a long distance. So it’s up to you to a certain extend. When suits you?


Well, Feb I’m doing Vietnam to Cambodia on a unicycle, theres the Karapoti in first weekend of March, and then 24hr Moonride in May and Unicon mid-year, Day/Night thriller and Aussie Uninats, and NZ Uni Weekend (TBA) in Oct, Round Lake Taupo in November. Dunno about other NZ Unicyclists, but those are also the events they will likely want to do. Would autumn/winter be a better time to come to Australia? Last time I was there in Summer it reached 45 degrees :astonished:

I’ll be on a big long holiday in a couple of weeks so I’ll start sorting things out properly then. UniNats is a bianuual event so the next one is in Darwin in 2005. I don’t like winter as much as summer. Sure it can get hot, but I dont know…I just feel happier in summer. :slight_smile: You certainly are busy!